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Colossus Drop (vs. Terran)

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[e][h] Colossus Drop
Strategy Information
Opening, Harassment


This build involves getting a Warp Prism with Gravitic Drive, and a Colossus, and harassing the Terran.


Kill off SCVs to hurt the economy, and Marines to make a followup attack more powerful.

Basic Build Order[edit]

"Colossus Drop"

At this point your Nexus should have full Chrono Boost, and your resources should be around 400/300 if done perfectly.

  1. Build as fast as you can as long as your Stalker is almost done and they have not scouted you. If not prolong until you get the scv out.
  2. Only if you feel they have expanded themselves.


  • You should be using Chronoboost on probes until your Robotics Facility is down, once it is down keep saving chrono until you can chrono the Colossus/gravitic drive.
  • You should park your Warp Prism in the path where possible drops/Banshees come, simply because if it was say a hellion drop you can pull your probes to block the path of which the hellions drop and kill them all off before they do their damage. Do not forget that you can use your Warp Prism to pick up damaged units/probes.
  • If they 2 rax you delay your expansion. If you have to, lay down a couple Gateways. If they are aggressive with the 2 rax build an extra Sentry, and delay your Gravitic Drive. You should have about 3 Force Fields set, and your Colossus will almost be done by then.
  • If they 1-1-1, try to focus down Marines/SCV's. The more Marines you pick off, the longer you delay their attack. Also throw down 3 Gateways and skip the expansion unless you believe you can hold it off with the expansion.