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[e][h] CombatEX
Player Information
Wasif Khan
October 19, 1992 (age 29)
God of Protoss, EZtoss
Total Earnings:

Wasif "CombatEX" Khan (born October 19, 1992) is a retired Canadian Protoss player.


CombatEX is from Ontario and is currently a university student pursuing both a Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) at Wilfrid Laurier University and a Bachelors of Mathematics (BMATH) at Waterloo University.

CombatEX has long been infamous in the StarCraft community for his extremely unpredictable and often cheesy play-style, excessive bad manner, stream cheating, and win-trading on iCCup. Although CombatEX is well established in the community, he has no sponsors and has rarely participated in any significant tournaments.

Wings of Liberty[edit]

CombatEX's switch to Wings of Liberty began with bouts of stream sniping against streamers on ladder and a continuation of his trademark bad manner, which added to his already controversial reputation.

CombatEX used to compete on the University of Waterloo's Collegiate Starleague roster until he was permanently banned from the league in early 2011 for bouts of "excessive bad manner".[1]

On March 20, 2012, CombatEX announced his retirement. Reasons he cited included time commitments which clashed with his studies and not getting enough out of the game.[2] He came out of retirement four months later.[3]

On his return, he made progress in both the WCG Canada Central and Eastern Finals, losing 2-3 to Hendralisk and 1-3 to AlexCMoi respectively in the finals of both tournaments. Due to visa issues AlexCMoi could not attend and CombatEX was seeded as the third Canadian representative alongside [4] Hendralisk and FireZerg in the World Cyber Games 2012.

On November 29, 2012, CombatEX would make his debut on the international stage for WCG in China. He surprised spectators by taking first in his group with a score of 4-1 with victories over JimRising, Adelscott, fraer, and KiLLeR. In the quarter finals, CombatEX faced the heavily favoured Korean, PartinG. Although he was able to take a map, CombatEX was eliminated with a score of 1-2.


  • Has provided coaching to members of Clan EX in order to help lower-league players improve at StarCraft.
  • Has posted numerous SC2 and BW videos on his YouTube channel as resources for helping players improve their skills.
  • 4 time Grandmaster on NA server.
  • Permanently banned from TeamLiquid over a "rich history of abuse" both towards players and TL's staff.[5]
  • Banned from the Collegiate Star League.
  • Beaten by Chill in an infamous grudge match in Brood War, casted by Day9.[6]
  • Maintains a rivalry with iNcontroL; see this video of iNcontrol discussing CombatEX on Inside the Game.
  • On June 25, 2011, CombatEX had a best-of-five PvP grudge match against his 'rival' Deezer, another infamous stream sniper. The games where casted by Destiny, Minigun and Destiny's friend Kyle. All five games where filled with cheese and trash talk. Deezer managed to take the first two games of the series with CombatEX making a come back in the next two games. Deezer was able to win the series with a win in the fifth and final match.[7]




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