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[e][h] Complain
Player Information
עמית פישר
Romanized Name:
Amit Fisher
July 30, 1995 (1995-07-30) (age 24)
Total Earnings:
20??-??-?? - 20??-??-??
20??-??-?? - 20??-??-??
2015-09-11 - ?

Amit "Complain" Fisher is a Grandmaster Terran player from Israel currently teamless.


He finished 3rd place in the Israeli Star League 1, losing to Adonminus in the semi finals(4-2). He recently won first place in the Israeli star league 2, Playing bo7 against Regba which he won 4-0.

Complain is currently playing for team Cascade, after leaving his former team Pw-Gaming.

While trying to qualify to the european challenger league, he managed to win all his opponents 2-0 up to round of 32, there he faced Grubby ,ended up losing 2-1.

Complain finished 4th place in the Zowie Celeritas Series losing to Patience 3-1 in the semi finals. In the qualifiers of the Zowie Celeritas Series he won top tier players such as Primelot, Noname, SeleCT and Tefel. Ending up losing to Jaedong in the qualifier finals 0-2, he still manages to qualify to the main event by replacing Jaedong who forfeited.

Complain won the Iron Pylon tournament beating CPU 2-0 and SaltTheWound 3-2 in the finals.


In A3Minor and A5Monthly tournaments
2015-01-151stIsraeli Star League Season 44 : 2 MoskoTheBear$75.76
2014-12-161stDestroyStoryCup II: Winter-Games4 : 3 Adonminus$70
2014-08-281stIsraeli Star League Season 34 : 2 Bulugulu$50
2014-02-201stIsraeli Star League 24 : 0 Regba$50
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Team Achievements

In A2Major tournaments
2015-09-022ndCascade1xbet Clan League Season 73 : 4$75
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