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Cooldown is the delay between a unit or building's attacks or use of certain non-passive abilities, measured in seconds.

Types of Cooldown[edit]

Attack Cooldown[edit]

Attack Cooldown is the amount of delay between the damage-dealing actions of buildings or units, measured in seconds. It is a key statistic, as combined with attack damage it defines the Damage per second (DPS) of a unit or building. To calculate DPS, a unit's attack damage is (multiplied by the attack count and) divided by the cooldown period. Attack cooldown is also an important attribute to be aware of when kiting, as the kiting units should ideally be moving during the entire cooldown period.

There are upgrades that reduce the attack cooldown of specific units, such as Adrenal Glands on the Zergling. The Terran ability Stimpack reduces the attack cooldown of the Marine and Marauder by 33%, thereby increasing the DPS of those units by 50%.

 200      200      93 Hotkey: A
Researched from: Spawning Pool
Decreases Zergling attack cooldown to 0.35 (-0.15). Requires a Hive.
 100      100      100 Hotkey: A
Researched from: Twilight Council
Increases the attack speed of the Adept by 45%.
Duration: 11 s
Hotkey: T
Increases the movement speed and firing rate by 50% at the cost of 10 HP for a Marine or 20 HP for a Marauder.

Ability Cooldown[edit]

Ability cooldown is the minimum period of time that must pass between usages of an ability, measured in seconds.

Ability use is regulated, broadly speaking, by either Energy or cooldowns. Some abilities that consume energy also have a cooldown; some abilities such as Blink and Charge only have cooldowns. When using these abilities, a clock animation will appear over the ability icon, denoting how much of the cooldown period remains. A special category of cooldown usage is the Warp Gate: whereas training a unit with other buildings delivers the unit after a set period, the Warp Gate delivers the unit after a few seconds, and the Warp Gate goes on cooldown.

Certain abilities, such as Generate Creep, have no cooldown period (or energy cost) at all and may be used continuously.

Units & Building by Attack Cooldown[edit]

Unit Race Notes Ground Attack CD Air Attack CD
Adept Protoss Resonating Glaives 1.61 (1.11)
Archon Protoss 1.25 1.25
Carrier Protoss Interceptor Launch 0.36 0.36
Colossus Protoss 1.07
Dark Templar Protoss 1.21
Disruptor Protoss Purification Nova 23.54
High Templar Protoss 1.25
Immortal Protoss 1.04
Interceptor Protoss 2.14 2.14
Mothership Protoss 1.58 1.58
Oracle Protoss Pulsar Beam 0.61
Phoenix Protoss 0.79
Photon Cannon Protoss 0.89 0.89
Probe Protoss 1.07
Sentry Protoss 0.71 0.71
Stalker Protoss 1.34 1.34
Tempest Protoss 2.36 2.36
Void Ray Protoss 0.36 0.36
Zealot Protoss 0.86
Auto-Turret Terran 0.57 0.57
Banshee Terran 0.89
Battlecruiser Terran 0.16 0.16
Cyclone Terran 0.71 0.71
Ghost Terran 1.07 1.07
Hellbat Terran 1.43
Hellion Terran 1.79
Liberator Terran Defender Mode 1.14
Liberator Terran Fighter Mode 1.29
Marauder Terran Stimpack 1.07 (0.71)
Marine Terran Stimpack 0.61 (0.41)
Missile Turret Terran 0.61
Planetary Fortress Terran 1.43
Reaper Terran 0.79
SCV Terran 1.07
Siege Tank Terran Tank Mode 0.74
Siege Tank Terran Siege Mode 2.14
Thor Terran Explosive Payload 0.91 2.14
Thor Terran High-Impact Payload 0.91 0.91
Viking Terran Assault Mode 0.71
Viking Terran Fighter Mode 1.43
Widow Mine Terran Sentinel Missiles 28.57 28.57
Brood Lord Zerg 1.79
Broodling Zerg 0.46
Corruptor Zerg 1.36
Drone Zerg 1.07
Hydralisk Zerg 0.59 0.59
Locust Zerg 0.43
Lurker Zerg 1.43
Mutalisk Zerg 1.09 1.09
Queen Zerg 0.71 0.71
Ravager Zerg 1.14
Roach Zerg 1.43
Spine Crawler Zerg 1.32
Spore Crawler Zerg 0.61
Ultralisk Zerg 0.61
Zergling Zerg Adrenal Glands 0.5 (0.35)

Abilities With Cooldown[edit]

The following table shows the abilities which have cooldown periods. Note that abilities with durations, such as Ignite Afterburners, are often notated with their durations subtracted from their cooldowns.

Ability Unit Race Cooldown
Psionic Transfer Adept Protoss 11.43
Launch Interceptor Carrier Protoss 0.36
Shadow Stride Dark Templar Protoss 14.29
Psionic Storm High Templar Protoss 1.43
Barrier Immortal Protoss 32
Strategic Recall Nexus Protoss 130
Activate Pulsar Beam Oracle Protoss 2.86
Revelation Oracle Protoss 10
Guardian Shield Sentry Protoss 10.86
Blink Stalker Protoss 7.14
Prismatic Alignment Void Ray Protoss 43
Charge Zealot Protoss 7.14
Tactical Jump Battlecruiser Terran 71
Yamato Cannon Battlecruiser Terran 71
Lock On Cyclone Terran 4.29
Ignite Afterburners Medivac Terran 14.29 (9.29)
KD8 Charge Reaper Terran 14.29
Caustic Spray Corruptor Zerg 32.14
Spawn Creep Tumor Creep Tumor Zerg 10.71
Summon Nydus Worm Nydus Network Zerg 14
Transfusion Queen Zerg 0.71
Corrosive Bile Ravager Zerg 7.14
Spawn Locusts Swarm Hosts Zerg 42.86
Consume Viper Zerg 0.71