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Cooldown is the delay between a unit or building's attacks or use of certain non-passive abilities, measured in seconds.

Types of Cooldown[edit]

Attack Cooldown[edit]

Attack Cooldown is the amount of delay between the damage dealing actions of buildings or units, measured in seconds. It's a key statistic, as combined with attack damage, it defines the Damage per second (DPS) of a unit or building. To calculate DPS, a unit's attack damage is divided by the cooldown period.

There are several upgrades that reduce the attack cooldown of specific units, such as Adrenal Glands on the Zergling, which reduces the unit's attack cooldown by 0.109 seconds. The Terran ability Stimpack can be used to temporarily reduce the attack cooldown of the Marine and Marauder by 33%, thereby increasing the DPS of those units by 50%.

Attack cooldown is also an important attribute to be aware of when kiting, as the kiting units should ideally be moving during the entire cooldown period.

Ability Cooldown[edit]

Ability cooldown is the minimum period of time that must pass between usages of a specific non-passive ability for a single unit or building, measured in seconds.

There are several building and unit abilities which, instead of requiring on Energy to be used, only utilize a cooldown mechanic. Examples of these include Blink and Charge. When using these abilities, a clock animation will appear over the ability icon, denoting how much of the cooldown period remains.

There are also certain abilities, such as Generate Creep, which have no cooldown period at all and may be used continuously.

Units & Building by Attack Cooldown[edit]

Unit/Building Name Race Ground Attack Cooldown (s) Air Attack Cooldown (s) Upgrade/Ability
Zergling Zerg 0.696 (0.587) Adrenal Glands
Drone Zerg 1.5
Queen Zerg 1 1
Baneling Zerg none
Roach Zerg 2
Locust Zerg 0.8
Hydralisk Zerg 0.75 0.75
Infested Terran Zerg 0.8608 0.8608
Ultralisk Zerg 0.861
Broodling Zerg 0.6455
Mutalisk Zerg 1.5246 1.5246
Corruptor Zerg 1.9
Spine Crawler Zerg 1.85
Spore Crawler Zerg 0.8608
Broodlord Zerg 2.5
Probe Protoss 1.5
Zealot Protoss 1.2
Stalker Protoss 1.44 1.44
Sentry Protoss 1 1
Dark Templar Protoss 1.694
Immortal Protoss 1.45
Colossus Protoss 1.65
Archon Protoss 1.754 1.754
Phoenix Protoss 1.11
Void Ray Protoss 0.5 0.5
Carrier Protoss 0.5 (0.125/0.25) 0.5 (0.125/0.25) Graviton Catapult
Interceptor Protoss 3 3
Tempest Protoss 3.3 3.3
Mothership Core Protoss 0.85
Mothership Protoss 2.21 2.21
Nexus Protoss 1.25 1.25 Photon Overcharge
Photon Cannon Protoss 1.25 1.25
SCV Terran 1.5
Marine Terran 0.8608 (0.57387) 0.8608 (0.57387) Stimpack
Marauder Terran 1.5 (1) Stimpack
Reaper (vs. Units) Terran 1.1 (1.8 vs. Buildings) Building attack only in WoL
Ghost Terran 1.5 1.5
Hellion Terran 2.5
Hellbat Terran 2
Siege Tank (Siege Mode) Terran 2.80
Siege Tank (Mobile) Terran 1.04
Thor Terran 1.28 3.00 (2.00) High Impact Payload
Auto-Turret Terran 0.8 0.8
Viking Terran 1 2
Banshee Terran 1.25
Battlecruiser Terran 0.225 0.225
Planetary Fortress Terran 2
Missile Turret Terran 0.8608

Note: Units without an attack are not included in this table.

Abilities With Cooldown[edit]

The following table shows the multiplayer abilities which have cooldown periods.

Ability Name Unit/Building Name Race Ability Cooldown (s)
Prismatic Alignment Void Ray Protoss 60
Corruption Corruptor Zerg 45
Sentinel Missile Widow Mine Terran 40
Spawn Locusts Swarm Host Zerg 25
Ignite Afterburners Medivac Terran 20
Tactical Nuke Ghost Terran 20
Spawn Creep Tumor Queen, Creep Tumor Zerg 15
Charge Zealot Protoss 10
Blink Stalker Protoss 10
Pulsar Beam Oracle Protoss 4
Revelation Oracle Protoss 3
Psionic Storm High Templar Protoss 2
Consume Viper Zerg 1
Transfusion Queen Zerg 1