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Bruno "GizmomcS" Calapez
Henrik "Didrik" Roikjer
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2014-02-21 - Bunny leaves.


Copenhagen Wolves is a Danish organisation well known in the Counter-Strike and League of Legends scenes. On the 19th of January 2012, they signed an all-Danish StarCraft 2 team, with some of the best players in the country.

The team disbanded in May 2012 after their players went inactive, but it returned to StarCraft II near the beginning of Heart of the Swarm with an academy roster.


  • March 8, Copenhagen Wolves announced their partnership with Adidas.[2]
  • March 9, two members of Copenhagen Wolves' SC2 Academy are announced. The first player, Sonder, was chosen after winning HKLAN 2013. The second player, Bunny was chosen after winning 2013 Winter. Four more contracted players will be revealed later on.[3][4]
  • March 28, Avekatten and Heshla join the Wolves Academy.[5]
  • March 29, The whole team went to compete at Copenhagen Games 2013. Bunny, Sonder, and Avekatten won the tournament taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively. Heshla was defeated in the 2nd groupstage.
  • April 8, The winner of the open tournament organised by Copenhagen Wolves to recruit a fifth player was announced to be SpaceMarine.[6]
  • April 26, The sixth and final recruit for the Copenhagen Wolves Academy is Zerg player Storm, who earned his spot through a community vote.[7]
  • November 3rd, Thorminator is recruited, whilst SpaceMarine is transferred to Core Gaming.[8]
  • January 19, Ciara, CupCake and StrinterN become the first Copenhagen Wolves recruits.[9]
  • May, The StarCraft II team is not displayed on the team's website anymore, while CupCake joined myRevenge, leading to the assumption that the team has been dissolved.

Player Roster[edit]


ID Name Join Date Leave Date Duration New Team
dkDenmark z Avekatten Andreas Lykholt Svendsen 28 March 2013 21 February 2014 11 months -
dkDenmark t Heshla Tom Lauge 28 March 2013 21 February 2014 11 months -
dkDenmark z Sonder Niels Flyger 29 March 2013 21 February 2014 11 months -
dkDenmark z Storm Morten Storm 26 April 2013 21 February 2014 10 months London Conspiracy
dkDenmark z Thorminator Thor Bagge 3 November 2013 21 February 2014 3 months Karnage eSports
dkDenmark t Bunny Patrick Brix 9 March 2013 21 February 2014 11 months Team Liquid
dkDenmark p SpaceMarine Suayb Köse 8 April 2013 3 November 2013 7 months Core Gaming
dkDenmark p StrinterN Dennis Christensen 19 January 2012 Team Replika
dkDenmark p CupCake Thomas Glinski 19 January 2012 myRevenge
dkDenmark z Ciara René Krag 19 January 2012 Derailed

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