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[e][h]Core Gaming
Team Information
Joel Whalen
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
2013-05-01 - Organization founding
2013-08-03 - StarCraft divsion
Recent Player Trades:
2013-09-06 - JonnyREcco joins


Core Professional Gaming (Core Gaming LLC) is a StarCraft II, League of Legends, and Dota 2 community comprised of over 300 active members.[Citation needed] Established on May 1st 2013, Core Gaming LLC (Core) is owned in part by CorePRO Design LLC, a graphics and web development company based in California. The community sponsors a professional StarCraft II team and professional League of Legends team.

Core Gaming's rostered players receive a monthly salary, gear perks, and travel subsidies for major tournaments as well as merit pay for performance on ladder and at tournaments.

After the pro player contracts expired in March 2014, Core Gaming decided to shift gears and focus on the community. With the transition, players were found homes on other teams, and management shifted around. Core Gaming transitioned to being a community based team with no salaried players.[1] In September 2014, the former Core Gaming player EJK declared that the team had no players any more.[2] At that date, the website had been closed, and there had been no activity on social media since May 2014.


Player Roster[edit]

Active Grandmasters[edit]

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Best Yearly Result:

ID Name 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
KRSouth Korea Z Blast Lee Min Kyu
USUSA T Expect Cho Byeong Seok
UKUnited Kingdom Z AsTeR Connor Richardson
KRSouth Korea T FlowerPiG Jung In An
CanadaCanada P OneTrickPony Ryan Lee
CanadaCanada P SoulQuest Greg Giterman
USAUSA P Wannabecool Won Tae Lee
GermanyGermany P NexuS Christian Haufe

Former Players[edit]

ID Name New Team
krSouth Korea t EJK Evan Jaewon Kim Boreal eSports
usaUSA t Sonic Wen Jin Solaris Gaming
usaUSA Z JonSnow Jared George Solaris Gaming
dkDenmark p SpaceMarine Suayb Köse Team Gravity
CanadaCanada P NayA John Lagousakos Prometheus Gaming
BrazilBrazil T Kelazhur Diego Schwimer MicroGamerZ
United KingdomUnited Kingdom Z JonnyREcco Paul Whyte Vega Squadron
USUSA Z Edge Josh Yang
GermanyGermany T ColdScars Aaron Eich No Dice Gaming
krSouth Korea Z DeParture Hyun Sung Min Prime
PolandPoland Z Fruttis Michal Tomaszewski Reason Gaming
USUSA Z Carnage Fil Donskoy   Retirement
KRSouth Korea T Dragon Jeon Yong Soo   Retirement/Streamer
KRSouth Korea P Genius Jeong Min Soo Love Your Girlfriend


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