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[e][h]Crux Crevasse
Map Information
Spawn Positions:
4 at 1,4,7,10
Competition Span:
2011-02 – 2012-03

Crevasse is a part of the official map pool for GSTL 1 and GSL 5. It is part of the map pool in the TSL 3.

Notable Features[edit]

  • The natural has only 6 mineral patches and one rich vespene geyser; taking the base outside your main before the one inside can be used to get an economic advantage, at a risk of harassment.
  • The fourth base next to the Xel'Naga Towers has 5 mineral patches.
  • Destructible Rocks between close base ramps make early rush builds less effective by impeding troop movement.
  • The four Xel'Naga Towers are surrounded by high grass LoS Blockers.

Change Notes[edit]

Version 1.2 - 1.3 (2011-03-20)
  • In base expansion's Vespene Geyser changed to Rich Vespene Geyser.
  • Center expansion's Rich Vespene Geyser changed to Vespene Geyser.
Version 1.1 - 1.2 (2011-02-15)
  • Location of mineral patches and Vespene Geysers in the forward expansion moved back.
  • Center ledge is smaller.
Version 1.0 - 1.1
  • Number of mineral patches in the inbase expansion reduced from 8 to 6.
  • Number of Vespene Geysers in the inbase expansion changed from to 2 to 1.
  • Destructible Rocks on the ramps changed to 1000 hit points and 1 armor from 2000 hit points and 3 Armor.

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