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[e][h]Terran Cure
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Kim Doh-wook
November 25, 1994 (age 29)
Alternate IDs:
Approx. Total Winnings:
Approx. Winnings 2024:
EPT KR rank:
Military Service:
Years Active:
2013 - Present
2021 Global StarCraft II League Season 3
2011-11-04 — 2013-07-108th Team
2013-07-10 — 2019-12-02JAGW
2019-12-02 — 2023-02-23DPG
2023-03-02 — 2023-03-10Club NV
2023-03-10 — 2023-08-14ABYDOS
2023-10-21 — PresentTeam Liquid
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Kim "Cure" Doh-wook (born November 25, 1994) is a Korean Terran player who is currently playing for Team Liquid.

He played for Jin Air Green Wings for more than 6 years.

Wings of Liberty[edit]

2012: Stuck on the Starting Block[edit]

Cure's first individual action as a StarCraft 2 player came on July 19, 2012 in the OGN Starleague Season 1 Preliminaries. He was placed in Group E, but lost his opening match to BisAnG 2-0. Cure next tried to qualify for the 2012 World Cyber Games. He was placed into Group 6 of the KeSPA Qualifiers and, though he won his opening match over Sacsri 2-1, he was eliminated by INnoVation in the very next match. Cure's final action of the year came in the qualifiers for the 2012 WCS Finals, in which he once more failed to progress beyond the qualifiers. Though a member of Team 8, Cure was never fielded for a match of StarCraft 2 during the 2011-2012 Hybrid Proleague.

Heart of the Swarm[edit]

2013: Progress in Proleague[edit]

Cure failed to break through in individual competition in 2013, though he featured heavily for Team 8 in Proleague 2012-2013. Cure opened the year with a 4-2 record in Round 1 with wins over TurN, Jaedong, ZerO and Hydra with a pair of losses to s2 and Trap. The teams switched to the All-Kill Format for Round 2. Cure won a pair of matches over Reality and Stork in 8th Team's opening win over Samsung KHAN. He notched a win over Hydra in the next match, before falling to EffOrt. He scored three kills over Crazy, Action and Flash in Week 2, but fell short of the All-Kill with a loss to Stats. From there he lost to FanTaSy, INnoVation and HerO to finish the round 6-6. Cure's performance dipped in Round 3. Victories over Mind and Soulkey were overshadowed by defeats against JYP, INnoVation, s2, Stork and sKyHigh as he went 2-5.

Cure's woes continued in Round 4. An opening win over EffOrt was followed by a single with over Trap and losses to Soulkey, Rain, TurN and hitmaN to finish 2-4. Cure struggled to gain traction as Proleague returned to the All-Kill Format for Round 5. Cure lost to free, Hydra, Flash in an ace match and, while he defeated Jaedong in Week 4, he then lost to Revival to finish 1-4. After a difficult year, Cure closed out the Proleague campaign with a respectable 4-4 record over the course of Round 6. Wins over Soulkey, TurN and rare got him off to a fast start. He lost to Zenio in Week 3 before dropping games to hitmaN and Dear. He fended the round with a win over s2, though, bringing him to a 19-26 record on the year.

2014: First Taste of Success[edit]

Cure started 2014 a week early, with the first match of 2014 Proleague Round 1taken place on December 30, 2013. Cure did not feature in the loss to Samsung Galaxy, instead making his premiere the next week in the new year against Zest and KT Rolster, a match Cure won on Outboxer as the rebranded Jin Air Green Wings (formerly Team 8) earned their first victory of the season. Cure only played once more in the round, a loss to Super in Week 3.

With Proleague underway, GSL got started on January 8, with the Qualifiers for 2014 GSL Season 1. Cure managed to reach Code A with consecutive wins over Hush, Zest and Creator. It was Cure's first Code A of his career, but it was a short stay. Placed into Group F with RorO, Panic and Hurricane, Cure lost his opening match to RorO 2-0 and, though he beat Hurricane 2-1, he dropped out after being swept by Panic.

After a meager showing in Round 1, Cure was more successful in Round 2 of Proleague. He notched a win over TY in Week 1, eventually finishing with a 3-2 record, including wins over herO and Classic before closing out the round with back to back defeats at the hands of DongRaeGu and Creator.

With Proleague on a short break, Cure took part in the qualifiers for Season 2 of GSL. He was placed into Group 3, which he topped after wins over Journey and Guilt. This put him into Code A, but again his run came to an end there. His group consisted of ParalyzE, YongHwa and Super, with Cure finishing last after 2-0 losses to ParalyzE and Super.

Round 3 of Proleague resumed on April 13th. Cure's first match came two days later, however, a loss at the hands of Hydra. Cure lost his next appearance to RorO as well, but wrapped up the round with wins over Dark and Curious to finish 2-2. Cure's summer got off to a slow start in Proleague Round 4 as he posted a 1-3 mark with losses to Action, herO and SalvatioN, the lone win coming against Solar. The string of strong performances was enough to earn Jin Air a spot in the playoffs, but first Cure once more participated in GSL qualifiers, this time for Season 3. Cure emerged from his group with wins over Armani and Sleep before finally getting over the Code A hurdle by finishing second in a group containing Rain, Impact and Hydra. Despite losing to Rain in the winner's match, Cure's victories over Hydra and Impact were enough to see him into Code S for the first time.

With his spot in individual competition assured, Jin Air took on KT Rolster in Proleague playoffs. Cure's loss to TY was part of an opening 4-2 loss and, though he also lost on Outboxer to start the second match, Maru's three wins were enough to set up a third tilt between the squads. Cure was fielded second, but lost to hitmaN as KT won the match 4-1, taking the Best of 3 playoff 2-1, and eliminating Jin Air from the postseason. It was a step in the right direction for Jin Air, though Cure only managed to record a 9-12 record across the four rounds, not scoring a positive mark in any matchup.

With Proleague completed, Cure's focus turned solely to GSL. His Code S run began on August 7th in Group B of the Round of 32. Matched up against ParalyzE in the opening match, he won 2-0 before defeating MyuNgSiK 2-1. MyuNgSiK would go on to lose in the final match, making INnoVation the second player to advance. Cure was nominated to Group A in the following round along with Zest, Soulkey and Reality. Cure again advanced out of his group in first place after dispatching Reality 2-0 and Zest 2-1. In the Round of 8 for the first time, Cure lost the first game to Solar, but won the next three to advance to the semifinal.

The first GSL semifinal of the Season, a TvT between Cure and INnoVation was played on September 26th. The series began on Merry Go Round. Cure opted for traditional bio play with a faster third, while INnoVation played a more defensive mech style. Cure pushed out, hoping to land a strike on INnoVation's third base, but was promptly wiped out, allowing INnoVation to march across the map and take the game. Game two was more of the same as INnoVation went for mech on King Sejong Station. This time Cure managed to kill INnoVation's third before picking the SK Telecom T1 Terran apart with multi-pronged aggression. INnoVation was reduced to defending a single mining base, leaving the game soon after. With the series tied 1-1, the players met on Catallena. INnoVation was the aggressor this time, using a two base tank push to kill 23 of Cure's SCVs before being cleaned up. Cure tried to find his way back in the game, but INnoVation's superior economy was too much to overcome.

Cure brought things back on Foxtrot Labs. His initial marine drop killed ten SCVs, seriously hampering INnoVation as he teched into cloaked banshees and mech. INnoVation pushed out with hellbats and tanks, but was lacking a third base. INnoVation won the first engagements, but Cure's production won out, evening the series. The players turned to Nimbus for game five. Cure pressured INnoVation's mech with bio/tank, but was slowly pushed back into INnoVation who was camping the passage between Cure's third and fourth. Cure tried to break out, but was unable to, putting INnoVation one game from the finals. Game six took place on Overgrowth. Cure was able to set up a lengthy siege that kept INNoVation pinned on three bases, while Cure took four while also adding command centers. INnoVation lost his vikings and ravens, prompting INnoVation to break out and finally take a fourth. Cure split his bio from his tanks and air force, killing INNoVation's fourth and third while slowing INnoVation's push. INnoVation was eventually forced back to his newly taken gold base. Banshees chipped away at his army before a surge of bio took the series to game seven.

INnoVation took a supply lead with a fast third base and a tank heavy mech composition, but he lost the first major engagement, evening the supply. With both players on four bases, INnoVation attacked, slicing through Cure's tank line, even as he lost his fourth base to bio, tanks a thor. Cure brought his army back to defend, but was unable to halt INnOVation's attack, which cleaned out Cure's natural before drawing a concession for the Jin Air Terran, whose attempt at becoming a royal roader came to an end in the semifinals.

2015: Return to Earth[edit]

Cure's first action of the 2015 WCS Season came on December 11, 2014 in the qualifiers for 2015 SSL Season 1. Cure was placed into Group D, from which he emerged in second place after a win over Nado and a pair of victories over YongHwa. This placed Cure into Challenge and a Best of 5 match against Classic to see who would make the Starleague's inaugural season. He failed to win however, losing 3-2 despite taking the first two maps.

Having not qualified for GSL, Cure turned his focus to Proleague as he made his first appearance for Jin Air in their second match of Round 1. His win over Dark proved to be the first of five for Cure, who finished with a 5-2 record after beating Losira, San, sKyHigh and Stork. His only losses in the round came to Life in an ace match and YoDa in Week 6. Cure's results helped Jin Air to a 4-3 record and a spot in the round playoffs. They won their first match when StarTale-yoe was unable to attend the match due to weather conditions, setting up a meeting with CJ Entus. Cure came out with his team up 2-1 and logged a win over ByuL, before losing to herO. This allowed Maru to secure the match for his team in the sixth game. Cure came out first in the finals against SK Telecom. He beat Dream in the opening match, but lost to soO, whose victory was the first of four for SK Telecom which took the match 4-2.

Round 2 began on March 2, 2015, but Cure did not feature until March 10th against StarTale-yoe where he earned a win over Pet on Expedition Lost. He lost to Stats in Week 4, but finished the round with a 3-1 record after defeating Dark and MyuNgSiK. Jin Air ended the round in second place and after winning a match against KT Rolster in which Cure did not participate, Cure led off for Jin Air in the round finals against CJ. Cure lost to herO and, despite Rogue winning three straight, ByuL was able to win games five through seven, leaving Jin Air to settle for second place once again.

Cure participated in a trio of individual tournaments over the course of the round. He made good on his GSL qualifying campaign for Season 2, emerging in second place from Group 3 after a pair of wins over Hurricane. Having made his way through the European qualifiers in third place, Cure flew to Katowice for the IEM World Championships which took place from March 12-15th. He was drawn against herO in the Round of 16, but lost the match 3-1, eliminating him from the competition. Cure earned himself a direct seed to the Challenger portion of SSL Season 2 by virtue of a top four finish in Proleague Round 1. His match took place on April 3rd, but Cure once more fell short, this time by a 3-0 score to Soulkey. Code A of GSL took place seven days later, with Cure failing to return to Code S after losing 3-1 to Rain.

Cure had gotten off to a 8-3 record in the first two rounds of Proleague, but he struggled mightily in Round 3, going 0-4 with losses to Flash, MMA, INnoVation and Reality. Jin Air made the playoffs with a 4-3 record, but Cure played no part as the team fell in the finals for the third consecutive time.

Qualifiers for GSL Season 3 took place on June 12th, with Cure successfully navigating his group on the back of victories over Pet. Cure's Code A match took place on July 22nd. Paired against Sacsri, he managed to advance 3-1. Back in Code A for the first time all year, Cure was placed into a group with Solar, Zest and MyuNgSiK. Cure lost the opening match to Solar 2-1 before being bounced from the tournament by MyuNgSiK 2-0 in the loser's match.

Following his disappointing third round in Proleague, Cure was only fielded twice in Round 4. He won over Stats in Week 6, but lost to GuMiho on the final day of action as Jin Air finished 3-4, missing out on the playoffs for the first time. Despite a disappointing end to Round 4, Jin Air still reached the playoffs in fourth place. The opening match of their Best of 3 against KT Rolster took place on September 21st. Cure fell to Super, but Jin Air still managed a win. sOs' reverse all-kill the following day set up a match against CJ Entus, with a finals spot on the line. Cure lost to Bbyong in the first match, but Rogue's ace match victory put Jin Air up 1-0. Cure was first up for his team in the All-Kill Format second match. He defeated Trust on Vaani Research Station before losing to Bbyong. Ultimately a pair of wins by sOs saw Jin Air through to the finals.

Once again Cure was the first Green Wing called into action. He defeated Sorry in the opening match of the final, but three straight wins by Dream, soO and INnoVation gave SK Telecom a 3-1 lead. Rogue pulled things back against Dark, but Classic's victory over Trap on Cactus Valley brought an end to Jin Air's title hopes as SK Telecom was crowned Proleague 2015 champions. Despite his impressive start, Cure finished the year with a 13-14 record, including a 3-8 mark in TvT.

Legacy of the Void[edit]

2016: At the Precipice Once More[edit]

As is customary, Cure's 2016 began a few days early with the qualifiers for 2016 GSL Season 1. Played online December 29, 2015, Cure advanced from his group in second place to make it to Code A. He was one of six players to take part in the first day of matches, defeating Sorry 3-0 to secure a spot in Code S.

With Code S not beginning until mid February, Cure and his fellow Jin Air Green Wings began their 2016 Proleague campaign. Round 1 started in February 2, 2016, with Cure logging a win over Forte as Jin Air won their first match of LotV. Cure featured twice more in the round, losing to aLive, while earning a win against Reality in Week 5 to finish 2-1. Jin Air finished the round in second place and managed to defeat KT Rolster in the Silver Challenger match without Cure's assistance. He led off against SK Telecom in the round final, but lost to MyuNgSiK as Jin Air continued their trend of second place finishes.

With Jin Air finding success in Proleague, Cure was making strides of his own as Group D of Code S got underway on February 26th. Cure found himself among Curious, Stork and Forte, but managed to top the group after 2-0 wins over Stork and Curious. His Round of 16 group was more challenging, but Cure bounced back from an initial loss at the hands of Zest, to beat soO and Solar and advance in second place. Paired against herO in the Round of 8, he managed to defeat the CJ ace 3-1, setting up a semifinal against TY. His tournament came to an abrupt end there, however, as TY thoroughly outclassed Cure, defeating him 4-0, forcing Cure to once more settle for a Round of 4 exit.

Returning to Proleague, Cure only featured twice in Round 2. He lost to Bomber in Week 1, but fared better against RagnaroK in Week 5 to finish the round with a 1-1 mark. This time Jin Air topped the standings, but they did not call upon Cure as they took down KT Rolster in the round finals.

Cure's next individual league action were the qualifiers for 2016 SSL Season 2. Played on May 12th, Cure advanced out of his bracket in second place. He continued his momentum in Group A of Challenge. Pitted against TY, Bomber, soO, Trap and Hush, Cure finished with a 6-3 record, good enough for second place and a berth in the main event. With the start of SSL proper more than a month away, Cure, along with MyuNgSiK, Stats and HerO met in Group B of GSL Season 2 Code S. Cure lost to Stats 2-0 in the first match of the day, but defeated HerO 2-0 before getting revenge on Stats by the same score, propelling him to the Round of 16. He was drawn into Group B in the Round of 16 which featured ByuN, sOs and Dark. Cure lost his opening match to Dark 2-0, before being knocked out of the tournament by his teammate sOs without winning a game.

All the while, Cure was taking part in in SSL as well as Proleague Round 3. As for SSL, Group D consisted of Patience, TY, Reality and Cure and was played on August 4th. Having been sent to the loser's match by Patience, Cure was promptly nounced from the tournament by Reality, who defeated him 2-0, bringing his offline individual competition to an end for the year. Cure saw equally middling results in Proleague as he finished the Round 2-1, his victories coming at the expense of Billowy and GuMiho, his loss to Leenock in Jin Air's Week 4 win over KT Rolster. Once more, Jin Air made it to the round playoffs, although this time his wins over Bunny and MC played a major part in defeating CJ Entus in the Silver Challenger Match. Cure also featured in the finals against KT Rolster, defeating Stats and Leenock before eventually falling to TY, who, along with Zest were dispatched by sOs as Jin Air won their second consecutive round. Those performances were enough to earn them the number one overall seed in the Playoffs. SK Telecom cruised past the Afreeca Freecs, but fell to KT Rolster in a pair of 4-3 matches, setting up a ground finals between KT Rolster and the Jin Air Green Wings. Played on September 3rd, Jin Air dominated the match from start to finish. Cure opened up with a win over Trust, before Maru and Trap did away with TY and Zest respectively. Up 3-0, it was a simple task for sOs to take down jjakji and bring the match to a close in Jin Air's favor. The victory was the first Proleague title for Jin Air, as well as the last in Proleague history as the league disbanded less than two months later.

2017: A Last Gasp[edit]

The qualifiers for 2017 GSL Season 1 took place on December 27, 2016. Cure emerged from Group 6 in second place, good for a Code S spot, after a pair of wins over Bubble. Cure was placed in Group E along with Dark, Leenock and jjakji. He won his match against jjakji 2-1, but lost to Dark 2-0 in the winner's match before being eliminated by Leenock 2-1. GSL Season 1 proved to be the only premier event for which Cure qualified in 2017.


Although repeatedly trying to qualify for GSL Cure wouldn't make it back into the Round of 32 of a GSL until the 2018 Season 2 Qualifiers. There, although beating Dandy, Leenock and TRUE, he eventually dropped to Zest twice eliminating him from Day 1. Having advanced to the losers bracket finals however qualified him to play on Day 2, where in Group 5 he beat Parting and Hurricane to qualify for his first GSL in over a year. In his GSL Group over a month later Cure first faced off against soO in a series culminating in a 35 minute long third game on Eastwatch that he ended up winning, moving on to the winners match against TY. Cure ended up dropping 1-2 in the winners round, to once again face off against soO for a spot in the GSL Round of 16. This time however he didn't manage to beat the Zerg. He dropped 0-2 and was thus eliminated from Season 2 of GSL.

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