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Curious Minds LE

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[e][h]Curious Minds LE
Map Information
(HotS) Skygeirr Lab
Spawn Positions:
2 at 4,10
Competition Span:
2021-10-19 — 2022-06-15
34 seconds

Curious Minds is a 2-player map.

Created by: MiloOnFire

Official Description[edit]

A smaller map with major tension around 2 low ground expansions. Curious minds will try to control both Xel'Naga towers to prepare for incoming pressure. This small map has 3 linear expansions that have ramps and chokepoints to defend early on. There is an open low ground fourth that is closer to the enemy, focusing much of the action to that area... With many different attacking paths and flanking angles, vision is the most important resource. Xel'Naga towers are far away from expansions and aren't easy to secure.



Terran vs. ZergZerg vs. ProtossProtoss vs. TerranMirrors
Curious Minds LE187943522720852.2%40221918354.5%46222224048.1%171119290

Played in Premier Tournaments


  • China 新奇之地
  • German Speaking Wissbegier
  • Spain Mentes curiosas
  • Spanish Speaking Mentes curiosas
  • France Esprits curieux
  • Italy Curiosità
  • South Korea 큐리어스 마인즈
  • Poland Ciekawskie Umysły
  • Portugal Mentes Curiosas
  • Russia Пытливые умы
  • Taiwan 好奇心