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[e][h]Cyber Nation
Team Information
Jean Paul "Apophis" Roques
Team Captain:
Pierre "Qwerty" Bousquet
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
Recent Player Trades:
acq: Gan
left: SarenS


Cyber Nation is a French esport clan formed in 2010. The first team was a CS Promod one, then came a girl cs 1.6 team followed by the creation of a Starcraft 2 roster. Cyber Nation is actually the name of a Cyber café in Paris where players from the team come to practice and also to play with customers. Night sessions as well as coaching sessions sometimes occur. [1]

In April 2012, Cyber Nation shuts down.[2]



  • September 8th, Cyber Nation announces the creation of its Starcraft 2 roster with mak0z, DidZz, Monster and Qwerty being the initial roster. [3]
  • September 22nd, Monster leaves the team and SeaW comes to replace him.[4]
  • October 4th, mak0z announces his departure from the clan and Hysteria is incorporated to the roster in the same time.[5]
  • November 11th, Glio joins the team.[6]
  • December 7th, SeaW decides to leave the roster for personnal reasons.[7]
  • December 23rd, MoMaN announces that he's leaving Millenium to join Cyber Nation as a professional player. He will be playing, coaching and working in the Cyber Café.[8]


  • March 29th, Cyber Nation welcomes FremAN, KenZy and SarenS as they decided to leave Against All Authority. These additions make Cyber Nation one of the strongest team of the French Starcraft 2 scene.[9]
  • April 2nd, another big change in the roster : DidZz and Glio leave the team whereas FunKaDeLiC completes the line up to achieve a total of 8 players.[10]
  • April 5th, Cyber Nation is invited to participate in the SC2CL Master Division's Season 2[11].
  • July 31st, MoMaN leaves the team. [12]
  • August 26th, Eeel joins the team. [13]
  • November 6th, Gan joins the team. [14]


  • January 23rd, the cyber café Cyber Nation is reported to be bankrupt and to be looking for a purchaser. However, the StarCraft II section is scheduled to keep competing under Cyber Nation's tag.[15]
  • January 26th, Pouilleux joins the team.[16]
  • March 7th, Pouilleux is announced to have joined Eclypsia as a shoutcaster/player.[17]
  • April 1st, SarenS leaves the team and joins Eclypsia.[18]
  • April 8th, the team shuts down.[2]

Player Roster[edit]

Active at the time of the disband[edit]

ID Name 2010 2011 2012 New Team
frFrance p FremAN Antonin Nosenzo - - - Eclypsia
frFrance z KenZy Bruno Wafo-Tapa - - - Eclypsia
frFrance z Hysteria Mathieu Giacometti - - -
frFrance z Qwerty () Pierre Bousquet - - - Eclypsia
frFrance t FunKaDeLiC Alexandre Verrier - - - Eclypsia
frFrance z Eeel Christophe Boucardey - 49 - 64th DreamHack Winter 2011 - Eclypsia
deGermany z Gan Patrick Notar - - -


ID Name New Team
FranceFrance Z MoMaN Emmanuel Marquez Virus Gaming
frFrance t Lidwyn Matthieu Diguet
frFrance z Pouilleux Pierre-Yves Petit Eclypsia
frFrance t SarenS Pierre Guivarch Eclypsia

Team Achievements[edit]

Date League Result
2011-10-24 Medion Trophy PGW 2011 Cyber Nation 3 : 0 NewRoSoft

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