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[e][h] DarKFoRcE
Player Information
Jonathan Belke
1988 (age 32-33)
Alternate IDs:
DarKFoRcE, DarK.FoRcE, aTnDarKFoRcE
Total Earnings:
RAINBOW NINJAS, zZzZz, pG, ocr, DkH,
2010-05-21 — 2013-02-09

Jonathan "DarKFoRcE" Belke is a retired Zerg player from Germany.[1]


In an interview,[2] he stated before starting with StarCraft II he was playing Poker and various other games like Aion, WoW, Supreme Commander, AoE, DotA and Warcraft.

DarKFoRcE was a member of Team Germany.

In 2013 DarKFoRcE retired due to a mix of lack of motivation and lack of success and began working as lead eSports trader at Pinnacle Sports.

In Beta[edit]

Wings of Liberty[edit]

DarKFoRcE qualified for the first StarCraft II ESL Pro Series (EPS season 17)[3] as one of two Zerg players and placed 5th almost making it to the Finals.

He applied for the first season of the North American Star League and was invited to participate in division 2 with players like Ensnare, White-Ra, and July.[4] He got fifth place in his group and reached the NASL Main Bracket Finals by defeating SjoW and NaNiwa in the playoffs. In the NASL Season 1 Grand Finals, he surprisingly took out aLive 2-1 in the first round, before losing to Sen.

On September 13, 2011, DarKFoRcE participated in the ZOTAC Cup Monthly Final September. DarKFoRcE defeated Osho, Underdark, GoOdy, and then defeated roof with a score of 3-1 to take 1st place.

DarKFoRcE qualified for the WCG 2011 in Busan by winning the German WCG qualifier at Gamescom Cologne over players like Socke and GoOdy. In the Main Event he qualified for the Playoffs after finishing 1st in his group with a perfect 6:0 score and a notable win against MarineKing.

DarKFoRcE played at 2012's IEM São Paulo. He would make it out of group stages, losing to SuperNova but defeating KiLLeR and Illusion. He faced Ret in the Round of 8 and lost narrowly in a 3-2 series.

He retired on February 10, 2013.[5]

World Championship Series[edit]

2012 WCS Germany Nationals[edit]

From June 2 to June 3, 2012, DarKFoRcE participated in the World Championship Series 2012 Germany. After defeating Honor and GoOdy but then lost to Socke and fell to the losers bracket. In the losers bracket, DarKFoRcE took down HeRoMaRinE and KrasS and received an opportunity to get some revenge against Socke. Socke took him out 2-0 and DarKFoRcE took 3rd place.


  • He is a regular host of the German podcast Szenecast.


In A2Major tournaments
2012-04-293rdESL Pro Series Germany - Spring Season 2012Team ALTERNATETeam ALTERNATE3 : 2 ClouD$1,319.10
2011-09-243rdGeForce Starcraft II Pro/AmTeam ALTERNATETeam ALTERNATE1 : 3 Mvp$1,575
In A3Minor tournaments
2012-10-162ndESL Pro Series Germany - Winter Season 2012: Cup #2Team ALTERNATETeam ALTERNATE0 : 2 Socke$196.46
2012-06-251stESL Pro Series Germany - Summer Season 2012: Cup #3Team ALTERNATETeam ALTERNATE2 : 1 DBS$375.11
2012-02-281stESL Pro Series Germany - Spring Season 2012: Cup #3Team ALTERNATETeam ALTERNATE2 : 0 ClouD$403.78
2012-02-261stPolarfluKe: February 2012Team ALTERNATETeam ALTERNATE3 : 1 PhoeNix$316.31
2011-10-161stPolarfluKe: OPtoberfestTeam ALTERNATETeam ALTERNATE3 : 0 PandaTank$357.78
2011-10-131stZOTAC Monthly Final September 2011Team ALTERNATETeam ALTERNATE3 : 1 roof$687.02
2011-03-292ndSapphire Select Club CupTeam ALTERNATETeam ALTERNATE0 : 3 HasuObs$282.20
1970-01-011stGo4SC2 September 2011Team ALTERNATETeam ALTERNATE3 : 1 Aristeo$688.18
In A4Basic tournaments
2011-09-181stZOTAC Cup EU Cup 74Team ALTERNATETeam ALTERNATE3 : 1 Satiini$137.94
2011-08-141stGo4SC2 Cup 129Team ALTERNATETeam ALTERNATE3 : 1 Beastyqt$285.25
2011-08-111st4PL Close Combat Cup 2011 Cup 67Team ALTERNATETeam ALTERNATE2 : 1 DIMAGA$177.98 King of the Hill Cup 3Team ALTERNATETeam ALTERNATE3 : 2 SaSe$119 King of the Hill Cup 2Team ALTERNATETeam ALTERNATE3 : 2 Grubby$119 King of the Hill Cup 1Team ALTERNATETeam ALTERNATE3 : 2 Kas$119
2011-04-031stGo4SC2 Cup 94Team ALTERNATETeam ALTERNATE3 : 0 AureS$284.64
2011-03-171st4PL Close Combat Cup 2011 Cup 25Team ALTERNATETeam ALTERNATE2 : 1 HasuObs$175.21
2011-01-131st4PL Close Combat Cup 2011 Cup 3Team ALTERNATETeam ALTERNATE2 : 1 Bly$200.22
2010-11-111st4PL Close Combat Cup 2010 Cup 22Team ALTERNATETeam ALTERNATE2 : 0 Seiplo$170.80
2010-10-241stGo4SC2 Cup 49Team ALTERNATETeam ALTERNATE3 : 2 Tarson$275.83
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