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[e][h]Terran DarkHydra
Player Information
Christian Lüftner
August 22, 1996 (age 27)
Approx. Total Winnings:
Years Active:
2011 - 2013,
2015 - 2016,
201?-??-?? — 201?-??-??
2011-??-?? — 201?-??-??
2012-01-05 — 2016-03-01
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Christian "DarkHydra" Lüftner (born August 22, 1996) is a retired German Terran player who last played for Team Acer.

He is currently playing Teamfight Tactics.

Wings of Liberty[edit]

DarkHydra made his first steps on the European scene by competing in the 4PL Clan League with team nuBreed, which he later left. DarkHydra eventually managed to secure his first personnal achievements during the end of 2011, with a victory in the Go4SC2 Cup #150. A month later, he took the fourth place in the HomeStory Cup IV European qualifiers, therefore missing to qualify for the main event, since only the top three players were earning a spot. However, it was later announced that the young German player was invited to the event anyway, as a replacement for DeMusliM, who couldn't attend due to illness.[1] DarkHydra joined Team Acer on January 5, 2012.[2] The next day, he was attending HomeStory Cup IV for his first participation in a premier event. Being quite nervous about it, he was sharply eliminated with a 0-3 record in group stage.

Formerly, DarkHydra played Terran. As a part of Team Acer's debut in the Evil Geniuses Master's Cup Series VIII, DarkHydra played Zerg against RoX's Abver.[3] It was later confirmed that he had changed races to Zerg.[4]

Heart of the Swarm[edit]

By the release of Heart of the Swarm, DarkHydra had switched back to playing Terran in events such as the 2013 WCS Season 1 Europe qualifiers.



Matchup Statistics

vs Protossvs Terranvs ZergTotal
as Terran44 - 3555.7 %15 - 1550 %31 - 4043.7 %90 - 9050 %
Σ44 - 3555.7 %15 - 1550 %31 - 4043.7 %90 - 9050 %

Earnings Statistics

1v1 Medal Statistics



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