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Dead Pixels

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[e][h]Dead Pixels
Team Information

Dead Pixels is a e-Sports organization founded in Switzerland back in 2014.

They currently have teams for the following games:

  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  • Hearthstone
  • StarCraft II


Player Roster[edit]


Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
FinlandCaltEetu Laustela2016-03-082017-12-?? Retirement
FranceClemClément Desplanches2016-06-192018-01-12 Prophecy E-sports
SwitzerlandElroyeEloi Quach2014-09-072018-10-05 Retirement
NorwayEvireEirik Stensbøl2016-03-082018-02-01 Team Cladocera
South KoreaFanTaSyJung Myung Hoon2018-06-282018-10-05 Player 1
South KoreaFanTaSyJung Myung Hoon2014-12-112015-12-27 Retirement
GermanyFeaRRichard Au2016-06-172018-01-12 Team RevolutioN
FinlandHaspeJari Haapasaari2016-03-082017-06-05 Micro Maniacs
South KoreaImpactKim Joon Hyuk2017-02-052018-01-01 TitanEX1
PolandJadeMikolaj Andrzejak2016-03-08 Retirement
SpainMajesticMiguel Juliá Rubio2015-04-152018-01-30 Retirement
SwedenNamsharChristoffer Kolmodin2016-03-082017-09-05 Gottéron eSports
NetherlandsOptimusVincent Klerks2017-01-022018-01-05 Team RevolutioN
South KoreaPatienceJo Ji Hyun2016-12-132018-10-05 Team LaoPaoer
South KoreaPatienceJo Ji Hyun2014-11-272016-03-18 Afreeca Freecs
NorwayPrebsPreben Johnsen2016-03-082017-12-03 Retirement
FinlandPuPuBenjamin Puha2016-03-082018-01-18 Micro Maniacs
CanadaScarlettSasha Hostyn2016-06-172016-08-17 Team expert
DenmarkThorminatorThor Bagge2016-03-082017-12-?? Retirement
South KoreaTRUEBang Tae Soo2014-09-052015-09-29 PSISTORM Gaming

Team Achievements[edit]

This team has no recorded achievements.

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