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Deimos Esports

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[e][h]Deimos Esports
Team Information
Braydon "Tbatz" Nowakowski
July 2013

Deimos Esports was a competitive StarCraft II team based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. The team was established for the purposes of becoming the strongest Canadian team, and one of the strongest North American teams. Deimos had both a competitive team, as well as a community team.

The team was founded in July 2013, made up of top Master league players from the North American server, however in October 2013, Deimos signed their first salaried member of the team and their first Grandmaster player, Guitarcheese, turning the project into a semi-professional team. Subsequently, several well known American and Canadian talent was recruited with players such as Drunkenboi, Bails, Siphonn, KoMA and Sanddbox, becoming one of the best North American teams in the scene.

They also organized the 2014 Deimos Esports Team League, the only team league uniting the best North American teams in one tournament, with big names such as ROOT Gaming, compLexity Gaming and Clarity Gaming taking part for a prizepot of $1,500.

The team's owner ran into financial difficulties after having been laid off work, and being unable to produce sufficient funds to run the team, and on the 3rd of May 2014, the team announced its closure:

"We were hoping for this to get good support and continue with it for a 2nd season of DETL with a 5k+ prize pool, 10 teams with 4 qualifier spots for teams anywhere, a great casting crew and higher production. Unfortunately, we had very little support from the NA scene to do this, 0 donations, and 0 sponsorship backup, which comes with me no longer being able to financially support the team since I got laid off without much notice, and my trade being in a very dry season, cannot find a job."[1]

— Braydon "Tbatz" Nowakowski, Deimos Esports Owner


Former Player Roster[edit]

Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
United StatesBailsBailey Thomas2013-11-232014-05-02 Flipsid3 Tactics
United StatesDeeMoJustin Souders201?-??-??2014-05-02 Team Gravity
CanadaDrunkenboiHenry Luu2013-11-182014-01-30 compLexity Gaming
United StatesEliGEJonathan Jablonowski201?-??-??2014-05-02
United StatesFlatLineKevin Van201?-??-??2014-05-02 Flipsid3 Tactics
United StatesGuitarcheese CaptainAlex Tarkoff2013-10-162014-05-02 Solaris Gaming
United StatesHawaiinStyleMaxwell Pauly201?-??-??2014-05-02 Immortals eSports
South KoreaKaKarULee Seung Yong2013-09-302014-04-11
CanadaKoMABrandon Spinosa2013-11-182014-01-30 compLexity Gaming
CanadaPlutoMark Janson201?-??-??2014-05-02 CrossFire Gaming
United StatesSanddboxRyan Kemper2013-11-182014-05-02
United StatesSiphonnKevin Bentz2013-11-232014-05-02 Flipsid3 Tactics
South KoreaStuNKim Seung Hyun2014-04-082014-05-02 MicroGamerZ
United StatesViesSam Viesselman201?-??-??2014-05-02 CrossFire Gaming


Former Staff
ID Name Position
Canada TbatzBraydon Nowakowski Owner
Canada TechNoScott Clandinin Management
Canada ZaraanCassandra Hovdestad Writer
Canada ReDPierre Lamarche Graphic Design

Team Achievements[edit]

2013-10-01DA4thA9UndefinedTop Dog League Season 1Top Dog League Season 1$0
Complete list of results in any tournament


Earnings Statistics


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