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[e][h] Denver
Player Information
Clément Coste
April 10, 1997 (1997-04-10) (age 23)
Alternate IDs:
PlineDenver, [TARTE]LaPaTaTe, Dilpodocus
Total Earnings:
Approx. Earnings 2020:
EPT Korea rank:
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× 1
2013-07-02 — 2015-08-08
2015-10-19 — 2018-05-31
2018-06-08 — 2018-10-04
2018-11-04 — Present

Clément "Denver" Coste is a Zerg player from France, currently playing for Infinity Gaming.


Denver began his career in eSports in September 2012 when he joined War Bringer. He participated in the league Pandaria-wars, the SC2CL and will qualify his team for the RaidCall EMS Spring 2013 accompanied by NeeKz, Hqrdest and Mäismz.

June 2013, Denver shines in first Gametoo.eXeS European Cup where he finished third, beating JonnyREcco. He participated in his first LAN in June 2013: PxL-Lan #38. The LAN did not start well for Denver, as he lost its first group match. He managed to join the Ro8 but fell to the losers bracket after being defeated 2-0 in the quarterfinals by ToD. In the losers bracket, he won against Adelscott, AureS, Quent, DieStar and NeOAnGeL, and finally lost a second time against ToD (3-1), thus finishing second of the LAN.

Then, in July 2013, during 2013 DreamHack Open: Valencia, he finished first of his group in stage #1, but then was eliminated in the second group stage, losing against LucifroN and Sonder.

In summer 2013, he managed to qualify for Francophone Championship Season 4: Division 2.

In September 2013, O'Gaming TV invited him as one of the eight best players in France to participate to Underdogs Season 1, a monthly competition. In Underdogs Season 2, he won the Up and Down match to keep his slot in the tournament, and reached the semifinals of the Group stage. However, due to a wrist injury, he did not participate in the final bracket.

On 27 May 2016, Denver achieved his first big victory in LAN during the Polylan 27, in Switzerland. He defeated Funk in grand final with a score of 4-3.

Since Season 19 in 2015, Denver has participated in 32 seasons of Underdogs. In Season 23 (April 2016), he won his first online title by defeating DnS 3-1. Finishing in the top 3, he played in Topdogs, where he defeated FireCake (3-1) in the RO8. The semi-final and final were offline at the Viewing Party in Paris in May 2016. However, He finally lost against DnS (1-3).

Denver would go on to win the Underdogs competition again in Season 39 (3-0 vs. France Clem), and Season 47 (4-3 vs. France ShaDoWn).


  • Chose his name because of Denver the Last Dinosaur, an American-French animated series produced by World Events Productions.


In A2Major tournaments
2020-01-192ndOSC Championship Season 70 : 4 Cure$500
2017-11-264thTing Open Season 41 : 3 Impact$251
In A3Minor and A5Monthly tournaments
2020-04-091stRotti Improvs #43-0Grp S.$100
2019-12-222ndCastmas Eve1 : 2 DnS$50
2019-11-172ndHFLAN 191 : 4 DnS$386
2019-10-302ndGet Rifkin to BlizzCon Invitational1 : 3 GunGFuBanDa$50
2019-09-151stAfreeca World 424 : 1 Zanster$125
2019-08-311stOrbital Colossus War #14 : 1 FireFoX$221
2019-08-201stKrystianer Cup #33 : 1 uThermal$100
2019-04-011stUnderdogs Season 534 : 1 Clem$250
2019-03-311stDonaldSeTrump4 : 2 ShaDoWn$189
2019-01-061stEU Ladder Heroes November 20183 : 0 Rail$200
2018-10-172ndWardiTV Summer ChampionshipZZZZZ0 : 3 Reynor$175
2018-08-061stUnderdogs Season 474 : 3 ShaDoWn$256
2017-11-061stUnderdogs Season 393 : 0 Clem$288
2017-09-211stOG Cup4 : 1 Reynor$375
2017-05-011stOG 6 Start3 : 1 Reynor$313
2016-04-181stUnderdogs Season 233 : 1 DnS$222
2013-06-302ndPxL-Lan #381 : 3 ToD$260.26
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