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Desert Oasis

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[e][h]Desert Oasis
Map Information
Spawn Positions:
2 at 1,7
1v1 Ladder:
beta — 2010-10-07


Desert Oasis was one of the maps released with the StarCraft II beta as one of the maps used in 1v1. It was removed from the 1v1 map list on October 7, 2010.

The map has been updated several times, removing cliffs around the main base and adding rocks to the north and south paths to the main for balance reasons. The map was removed from official Ladder play as well as most popular competitions.

Official Map Description[edit]

This large map makes early attacks more difficult. Watch Towers observe both the long ground and shorter air paths. Islands provide a hidden way to gain additional resources

Notable Features[edit]

  • Two possible paths to reach your opponents base.
  • Two island expansions.
  • Two high-yield expansions with no rocks blocking them.
  • Short air distance between bases.
  • Map looks very similar to Raid Assault.
  • Longest walking distance of all the sc2 beta maps (about a minute).


Like a few other maps, there is also a novice version of Desert Oasis. The main differences are outlined below:

  • Rocks block both pathways to each base.
  • The High-Yield minerals at the 3 o'clock are slightly closer to the 1 o'Clock starting point.

Protoss Wall-ins[edit]

1 o'clock

Terran wall-ins[edit]

7 o'clock
1 o'clock


vs. vs. vs. Mirrors
Desert Oasis2297277.8%52340.0%53260.0%1-2