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Destiny's ZvZ (vs. Zerg)

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[e][h]ZergDestiny's ZvZ
SoldierCross pushing out using roaches and speedlings
Strategy Information
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A two base all-in Roach/Speedling push, designed by Destiny and popularized through his stream and subsequent YouTube lesson.


To have a game-ending push at around eight and a half minutes. Pros: Strong versus economic openings Cons: All-in push, must end the game or you are severely behind

Basic Build Order[edit]

Destiny's ZvZ Build
  • 13 Spawning Pool
  • 15.5 (Drone building) Extractor
  • 16 Overlord
  • Pool 100% - 1 Spine Crawler + Queen
  • Queen 75% Roach Warren
  • 20 Overlord
  • Roach Warren 100% Roaches with all Larva (~6)
  • ~32 Overlord
  • ~34 Expand
  • 36 Metabolic Boost (Remove Drones from gas at this point)
  • 36 Overlord
  • 36 Roaches (~7)
  • 46 Overlord (or 2)
  • 46 Queen (or sooner if able)
  • ~50 Mass Zerglings behind Roaches


  • When building the Spine Crawler, place it inside your mineral line where it can cover all of your Drones and just around your Hatchery
  • When building your second round of Roaches (~7), try to wait for a multiple of 25 amount of gas to efficiently use all of your resources


If your opponent goes Hatchery first or 14 Pool, this build has a very good chance of succeeding. Try not to lose any Overlords as it is very problematic to be supply blocked.


At around 50 supply, you should have ~13 Roaches. Send the Roaches out to your opponents natural with the mass of Zerglings, and keep producing lings throughout the battle. All your lings should be rallied to your opponents base, where they should immediately engage. Try to micro so that your Roaches arrive first and then the lings stream in to surround your opponents Roaches/lings/Spine Crawlers. If your opponent has gone fast Mutalisks, opt for a base trade and keep streaming lings in. You are too far behind economically with ~22 Drones to catch up reasonably.



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