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[e][h]Zerg djWHEAT
Commentator Information
Marcus Graham
May 12, 1977
Lincoln, Nebraska (age 46)
Years Active (caster):
2010 - 2013

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Marcus "djWHEAT" Graham is a popular commentator and streamer in the SC2 community. He hosted all the shows at which included Weapon of Choice, Kings of Tin, Live on Three, and Inside the Game.


djWHEAT has been pitching e-sports since 1999 and played Quake 3 competitively under the name 'Styles519' (519 being his clan). He also forayed into the world of competitive DDR and Tekken 2, alongside the older Quake games which eventually brought him into Quake 3. He and his team eventually chose to give each other aliases with the intention of maintaining some degree of anonymity while practicing, which birthed the name 'Wheat' due to his love of wheat beer.[1]


  • Has a son affectionately nicknamed "miniWHEAT".
  • djWHEAT and Day(9) as a casting combo have been nicknamed "DayJWheat" by some.
  • djWHEAT wrote a blog post titled "Life As A Caster", discussing his work-life-SC2 balance.
  • Was actually a DJ (and 'still touches the decks once in a while') and owns over 2500 vinyl.[1]
  • Once hosted the show Epileptic Gaming.
  • He has stated on a previous episode of Epileptic Gaming that he suffers from "Video Game Aquaphobia" a condition in which players are tense, nervous or scared when entering water environments in video games.
  • Currently works for the video streaming site,
  • Used to commentate Counter-Strike.

Notable Events Casted[edit]

djWHEAT with miniWHEAT at MLG.



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