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Double Gas FE (vs. Terran)

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Strategy Information


A greedy fast expansion and Tech opening that shoots straight for Factory-tech by cutting Barracks production. This opening follows the usual 1/1/1 opening logic that it should either counter the opponent's opening or open with harass to hurt any future pushes the enemy can do; to buy time for the addition production.

The important part is too keep all the buildings busy producing either army or Add-ons, for example building Marines on the Barracks and building a Reactor on the Factory while producing Banshees and then producing Siege Tanks and Medivacs later on when you have the economy.


Trading any early Tech to Tech Lab upgrades for more Starport/Factory production in the early game, needing to hurt the opponent in someway, to weaken any early push timing they may have.

Basic Build Order[edit]

Basic Build


  • This build can transition into one of the following: Stimpack, Siege Tanks or Banshees, fast but not all at the same time; stop producing one if you want the other.


  • Against Terran, standard scouting for fast expansion build and the Starport timing to see how fast Banshees or Hellions can be harassing your base.