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Double Reactor Marine-Hellion Push (vs. Zerg)

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[e][h]Double Reactor Expand into Marine, Hellion, Banshee Pressure
Marine, Hellion elevator play
Strategy Information
Opening, Pressure, One Gas
Popularized by:
[[ThorZaIN, MMA]]


A close-position Marines and Hellions push that hits once Medivac (1) finishes. By delaying extra Refineries, a huge early attack can be made to hit suddenly and with the Banshee to follow-up this can devastate the Zerg early-game.


Marines and Hellions push Zerg back into the opposing natural, this setups for a quick harassment follow-up with Banshees and a later Siege Tank push to contain Zerg to two or three bases depending on the map.

Basic Build Order[edit]

Basic Build


  • So as not to run out of mining room, land Orbital Command (2) as soon as it is finished.
  • Build Hellions (to 2) and then start the next set after Medivac (1) and Orbital Command (2) start, and produced constantly until about after Banshee (1) starts.


  • The first pair of Hellions need to control the map up to half-way to the Zerg base or the nearest Xel'Naga Tower, push out with Medivac (1) complete.
  • Use Medivac (1) to pick up Marines and Hellions if they get surrounded and try to force engagements near cliffs to abuse the terrain.


  • Produce Banshees to aid the attack or switch to Siege Tank production and Barracks upgrades for a strong mid-game push.