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[e][h] DowaQ
Player Information
Hjalmar Högberg
Alternate IDs:
DQ, DowaQ


Hjalmar "DowaQ" Högberg is a former Warcraft III gamer that gained fame for his creative playstyle during 2007-2008. He was seen as one of the big talents in Europe and was soon picked up by the Dutch team Serious Gaming, an organization that is known for being able to locate and bring up talented players to the top, among DowaQ players like DeMusliM and XlorD also started out in Serious Gaming. DowaQ became one of the key players in the organization and stayed with srs until his retirement from professional gaming in early 2010.

Wings of Liberty[edit]

DowaQ announced his comeback into professional gaming a couple of months after the release of StarCraft II. He was once again picked up by Serious Gaming even though he had yet to prove himself as a StarCraft player. As of his comeback he released the following statement:

"I find StarCraft II fun to play and I am eager to compete at a higher level than I did previously. I am also happy to be back with my team mates and am looking forward to compete for Serious once again."

In 2010 DowaQ appeared in a couple of Offline tournaments including the DreamHack SteelSeries LAN-Tournament and Dreamhack On tour where he lost to ThorZaIN in the semifinal.

He was left teamless when Serious Gaming disbanded on April 26, 2012; he later retired from competitive StarCraft II.