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[e][h] Dox
Commentator Information
Derek Reball
February 25, 1985 (age 37)
Alternate IDs:
Dox, VVoLF, VeeVee
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Derek "Dox" Reball is a team manager and tournament organizer from Australia.

StarCraft: Brood War[edit]

Derek is one of the longest standing community figures in Australian gaming. In 1999, he founded a popular Australian StarCraft Website "BWABC" - The Brood War Australian Community.[1] The target audience included amateur players who strived to compete with the popular names found on the exclusive "Aus-1" server.

After hosting several community tournaments (with no prizes besides bragging rights), he was noticed by the South Korean franchise "iStarZone", who were responsible for managing the "World Cyber Games Challenge" events in Australia.[2] Derek was picked up by iStarZone in 2000 as an Events Co-ordinator, and Derek's first event was the WCGC Brood War Brisbane qualifiers at 'Internet City', where he first met several players including Legionnaire, RazoR, JugglerX, HaLL, Fester, and mOOnGLaDe. He went on to manage the WCGC Australia finals at the Olympic Stadium at Homebush, Sydney, where he became good friends with iori, L!MP, and StarHunter.

After two years of coordinating events on behalf of iStarZone, Derek moved to Sydney in 2002 with Razor, Fester and Legionnaire to take up a full-time web / content manager role for the company,[3] whilst also working part-time in one of their two LAN Cafe venues. Legionnaire and Razor soon left for South Korea to take up full-time professional gaming under the iStarZone banner, Hexatron.[4][5]

Warcraft III[edit]

With the release of "Warcraft III", Derek took this opportunity to grow and support a new scene, and in September 2002, he became one of the three founding members (Balla, Slay, VVoLF) of the iconic global Warcraft III community site "".[6] By sourcing replays from the best players around the world and providing daily content updates in the form of battle reports and highlights, this community rapidly grew to an unanticipated size, forcing Derek to focus exclusively on Warcraft III and diverting attention away from Brood War. Fortunately, was founded in the same year, allowing Derek to keep up with what was happening in the scene.

Due to the popularity of WarcraftReplays, "VVoLF" quickly became a famous Random player for the wide range of unorthodox and complex strategies he employed in highly competitive games. He went on to participate in various global events, however due to the significant ping disadvantage associated with Australian broadband connectivity, it was difficult to exceed beyond an immovable skill ceiling. Because of this, the only real opportunity for Australian gamers to compete with the rest of the world was to qualify for the World Cyber Games annual events, where games were played over a Local Area Network, eliminating the ping disadvantage. Derek participated in various qualifying events, however due to also being on the WCG Management committee, he was ineligible to proceed to the finals and would have been required to forfeit his position, had he qualified.

Frustrated by Australia's inability to compete with the rest of the world due to technical limitations, Derek turned his focus towards a new community - and became one of the three founding members (Frilbz, Lusted, VVoLF) of Australian Warcraft III site "".[7] Once again, this new community site took the scene by storm as it exclusively showcased the talent of Australia, even attracting fans from around the world. Whilst the WarcraftReplays global community (later re-branded WCReplays due to an internal fall-out in management) had very little interest in what events were happening in Australia, War3Live allowed Derek to focus on providing news, coverage, replays and events to his own local scene. Using iStarZone and War3Live, he was able to host and promote dozens of events over the next 4 years, including the Blizzard Worldwide Invitational and ACON events in 2004 & 2005.[8][9]

During offline tournaments, Derek would choose "Human" as his race of choice, following in the footsteps of his favourite players ToD, HeMaN and Sky. Despite taking several notable series from top seeds Kinnear, Fester and PhilBoT, Derek struggled to compete with his fellow Queenslander mOOnGLaDe, finding himself eliminated on all occasions but one. In one particular series against PhilBot on the map "Plunder Isle", Derek widely popularized the use of the Paladin Hero with Rifleman serving the primary role in his army composition, mirroring the effective power of Death Knight & Crypt Fiends [10]

Derek's minor successes in Warcraft III included an official Frozen Throne Beta tournament victory over mOOnGLaDe, using the powerful "Scroll of Speed" item from the Racial Shop in conjunction with Footmen and their "Defend" skill, nullifying almost all of the Night Elf ranged attacks. He went on to defeat PussInBoots in a Human mirror match in the grand finals. He also won a handful of online events before retiring in 2005.

In 2004, Derek was subcontracted by Pantheon eSports to operate a Warcraft III tournament at the "Innovative Home Show" at the Melbourne Exhibition Center. This venue was host to various technology booths and presentations, with over 10,000 public viewers in attendance. In addition to hosting the Warcraft III tournament, Derek also commentated the event live on stage in front of a projector screen as families all around the venue tuned in. This was the first of many future commentary opportunities Derek would grasp.

After iStarZone[edit]

Eventually Derek became tired of living in Sydney - a stark contrast to the quiet and friendly atmosphere of Brisbane - and decided to return back home in 2005. iStarZone ceased to operate soon after,[11] and the World Cyber Games Australia license was up for grabs. He continued to operate various events, flying across the east coast repeatedly as a consultant for various organizations including Pantheon eSports, CBN Media,[12] AusGamers, Samsung and aBIT. However due to demanding professional obligations, Derek's community involvement begun to decline. During the WCG season in 2006, he found himself hosting one last WCG Australia circuit on behalf of AusGamers, whilst also conducting a press interview with popular German Warcraft III player "SK|FiRe" who happened to be holidaying in Australia at the time. Due to a dual-citizenship, FiRe was allowed to compete in the WCG_au 2006 National Finals, but was eliminated by the champion mOOnGLaDe.

Over the next few years, event opportunities started drying up in Australia as organizations such as CPL, ESWC and WCG were losing popularity and funding. By 2008, the only competitive game that was still supported in Australia was Counter-Strike. It wasn't until January 2010 that Derek re-emerged to prepare the community for the most anticipated event of all time: the launch of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.

StarCraft II[edit]

Derek became heavily involved during the Wings of Liberty beta whilst popular YouTube commentator "Downwhere" provided coverage of his games.[13] He spent most of his time during the beta floating around the top 10 ranks of his Platinum division alongside StarHunter and RaZoR (before Diamond League was introduced in Patch 13). "" quickly became the local hub for Australian events, during the beta, and Derek took this opportunity to start fresh under a new alias - discarding "VVoLF" in favour of "Dox"[14] - in order to work closely with community figures such as deL to provide coverage, promotion and even sponsorship of events.

Since the release of StarCraft II, Derek has struggled to find the time to remain competitive due to personal and professional obligations. After placing highly in the CyberGamer $10,000 Ladder qualifiers[15] and subsequently being forced to forfeit the finals due to an interstate work trip, Derek decided it was time to take two steps back and focus on managing the competitive scene rather than participating within it. Derek also qualified for the grand finals of the NRG $25,000 tournament,[16] falling to 4th place competitor YoonYJ in the first round.

Currently, instead of competing, Derek contributes to the community by once again flying around the country regularly to host and provide coverage of various Wings of Liberty events, including the following:




Derek has also taken this opportunity to revive his passion for commentating. Since the release of Wings of Liberty, Derek has commentated various SEA events alongside Unstable, KellyMilkies, mOOnGLaDe, JacziE, Paz, System, Zepph, Maynarde and Artosis.

On October 4, 2011, Derek announced that he'll be working with ACLPro in 2012 to include StarCraft II in their circuit, directly parallel to what MLG has accomplished in America.

On February 11, 2012, Derek announced the conception of a new Australian Professional StarCraft II team: Invidia. The team features 5 all-star players, including:

Following the conclusion of WCS Oceania, Derek announced on August 15, 2012, that he would be amicably parting ways with ACLPro (and event management in general), due to time & availability restraints in his professional life.







  • Played Random in Warcraft III under the alias 'Brandon.Lee' for several years, before settling on Human.
  • Plays Random in StarCraft II.
  • Has never achieved Grandmaster rank on any server in Wings of Liberty.
  • Achieved Grandmaster in Heart of the Swarm, however was removed for inactivity.
  • Has caused numerous tournament upsets playing Random, including a 2-1 victory over Cella in the Plunder Down Under, where he eventually fell to teammate mOOnGLaDe in the semifinals.