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DuSt Gaming

[e][h]DuSt Gaming
Team Information
United States John "John" Dieter
Team Captain:
France Alexy "SoulSpirit" Duviler
United States Miguel "Vindicta" Marmolejo

DuSt Gaming was a North American eSports organization primarily focusing in StarCraft II, Dota 2, and Hearthstone squads. It was formed by its two owners after their move from the Warcraft III community into StarCraft upon the release of Wings of Liberty. DuSt Gaming regularly attends StarCraft II offline events such as MLG and Redbull Battlegrounds.


  • January 13, HHQuanTa joins the team.
  • January 29, Tileä retires.
  • February 21, ReSpOnSe joins the team.
  • April 16, ReSpOnSe leaves the team.
  • April 21, DuSt Gaming disbands. [1]

Player Roster at the time of disbandement[edit]

Main Team[edit]

Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
FranceAbbadonQuentin Denizot2018-10-092019-04-21 Gamers League
CroatiaBlaskBruno Šprajcar2018-10-032019-04-21
FranceContentgagaAlexandre Dellesse2018-08-082019-04-21
Russian FederationEnigmAVladimir Yegorov2018-12-272019-04-21 Houkago Tea Team
ChileHalfBreedFelipe Zuñiga2017-02-142019-04-21
Korea (South)HHQuanTaKim Hyeon-ho2019-01-132019-04-21
United States of AmericaJardozerJared Collins2018-10-032019-04-21 Icebound Esports
ChileJarppiRodrigo Hinojosa2017-02-142019-04-21
NorwayKinGTom-Andre Lærum2018-11-072019-04-21
United States of AmericaLiqhtKalish Jayaram2018-10-032019-04-21 All-Inspiration
FranceMiNhoClément Rieu2018-08-092019-04-21
Korea (South)PenguiNNam Yoon-seok2017-10-202019-04-21
United States of AmericaRaNgeDAustin King2018-11-042019-04-21
MexicoSinnerFrancisco Garza2018-10-032019-04-21 Alpha X
FranceSoulSpirit CaptainAlexy Duviler2018-10-092019-04-21
Korea (South)SpearKim Hyun-mok2017-09-??2019-04-21
United States of AmericaSpectreChristopher Neel2015-03-202019-04-21
Korea (South)StuNSeung Hyun-kim2017-10-112019-04-21
United States of AmericaVindicta CaptainMiguel Marmolejo2018-10-032019-04-21 Alpha X


Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
Korea (South)ApocalypseKim Min Hyung2015-12-142019-04-21
Korea (South)LabyRinthDoh Yoo Hyun2016-02-012019-04-21
United States of AmericaLovEJesse Rich2015-12-122019-04-21
United States of AmericaPLZLEAVEDUCKRyan Maykrantz2017-08-282019-04-21
Korea (South)SonagiChoi Jeong Han201?-??-??2019-04-21
United States of AmericasWsStephen Schnieder2015-03-162019-04-21
United States of AmericatheWalrusDouglas Doidge201?-??-??2019-04-21


Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
United States of AmericaAegiSCharles Versaw2016-12-062017-10-04 Retirement
AustraliaAzureCraig Mackechnie2016-05-212016-08-11 OSC Elite
Korea (South)BubbleHa Jun-min2016-01-082017-02-13 Retirement
Korea (South)BunnyLee Jae Sun2016-12-022017-04-21 TitanEX1
MexicoChamPablo Cham2012-12-222013-06-22 Team Quetzal
Korea (South)ChanKiMKim Chan-yang2016-09-152017-??-?? Retirement
IndiaDemiLoveVarun Immanuel2014-05-212015-01-18 ROOT Gaming
UruguayDominiCKevin Texeira2016-09-072017-02-13 Retirement
Korea (South)DRGLingLee Won Ju2015-09-052015-??-?? SBENU
ColombiaeGGzSebastián Latorre2016-06-152017-02-07 Next Gaming
PhilippinesEnDerrCaviar Napoleon Acampado2013-??-??2014-01-11 Imperium Pro Team
United States of AmericaGuitarcheeseAlex Tarkoff201?-??-??201?-??-?? My Intent
Korea (South)HushByun Young-bong2016-12-022017-07-01 Retirement
United States of AmericaIntenseAndrew Pirelli201?-??-??201?-??-?? Clarity Gaming
Korea (South)KellerMaNSon Yoon Ho2014-10-112015-05-04 Retirement
United States of AmericaLovEJesse Rich201?-??-??2015-0-01 DuSt Gaming
Korea (South)MadBullShin Ki-hoon2013-10-182014-03-28 Retirement
MexicoMakerRicardo Flores2014-03-282014-11-18 DuSt Gaming
MexicoMakerRicardo Flores2016-12-132017-05-04 FØX Gaming
Korea (South)MamuriLim Jae-hyun2014-03-232014-07-24 MicroGamerZ
BrazilMasTeRLucas Coimbra2016-10-112017-03-14 Death Zone
PolandMatizMateusz Kowalski2016-10-262018-05-01 Psionic Aftermath
Viet NamMeomaikAHong Phuc Tran2016-10-112016-12-15 1F Pro Gaming
Korea (South)PenguiNNam Yoon-seok2014-03-202014-04-11 MicroGamerZ
JapanPSiArcNaohiro Nishimura2015-05-102016-05-26 DetonatioN Gaming
FranceReincaThéo Herbin2016-09-162016-??-?? Houkago Tea Team
United States of AmericaReSpOnSeJonathan Layman2019-02-212019-04-16 All-Inspiration
FranceScaMGabriel De Moura2016-10-242017-01-10 Orbital Colossus
Korea (South)ScareHwang In-Seong2017-10-042018-03-18 Team RevolutioN
United States of AmericaSchniederJeff Schnieder201?-??-??201?-??-??
United States of AmericaSchnitzelCorey Schnedl2014-03-01201?-??-?? Team Ascension
United States of AmericaSkylerBarny Yu2016-12-272018-05-17 LiT eSports
United States of AmericaSLeetAnton Bischoff-Fredrick2013-10-282014-09-09 PSISTORM Gaming
Korea (South)SpearKim Hyun Mok2015-02-062015-12-14 DuSt Gaming
United States of AmericastarkillerJohn Puchalski2016-12-062018-07-17 Psionic Aftermath
CanadaSteAdfaStDave Loose2015-11-20201?-??-??
New ZealandTileäTileä Flavall2016-09-152017-05-28 Sloth E-Sports Club
New ZealandTileäTileä Flavall2018-12-012019-01-29 Retirement
SwedenZalazaneLudwig Olsson2016-12-092017-03-01 Prophecy E-sports


ID Name Position
Canada Bidoux Ricky Robidoux Owner / General Manager


ID Name Position
United States John John Dieter StarCraft 2 Manager

Team Achievements[edit]

Date Placement Tier Tournament Result Prize
2018-01-14 4th A3Minor Afreeca World Team League 1 : 4 $150
2017-06-03 2nd A3Minor WardiTV Team League S7: Americas Division 1 : 4 $100
2017-05-10 3rd A3Minor DuSt League Season 4 4 : 1 $45
2015-11-08 4th A3Minor DuSt League Season 1 2 : 4 $0
2014-11-08 3rd A3Minor Top Dog League Season 4 3 : 0 $50

Highlight Videos[edit]