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[e][h]Protoss duckdeok
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Kim Kyeong-deok
January 27, 1995 (age 28)
Alternate IDs:
LoveRip, finale
Approx. Total Winnings:
Years active:
2010 - 2013
2013 WCS Season 2 Europe: Premier League
2010-12-15 — 2013-12-12MVP
2013-12-12 — PresentRetirement
Recent Matches
duckdeok Protoss South Korea
South Korea Terran Maru
November 8, 2013 - 18:45 PST  
duckdeok Protoss South Korea
South Korea Terran INnoVation
November 8, 2013 - 14:15 PST  
duckdeok Protoss South Korea
South Korea Zerg ByuL
October 26, 2013 - 20:45 EDT  
duckdeok Protoss South Korea
South Korea Terran Maru
October 26, 2013 - 00:00 EDT  
duckdeok Protoss South Korea
South Korea Zerg ByuL
October 25, 2013 - 19:15 EDT  

Kim "duckdeok" Kyeong-deok (born January 27, 1995) is a retired Korean Protoss player who last played for MVP.

Wings of Liberty[edit]

Duckdeok participated in the Korean StarLeague Daily where he managed to win KSL Week 2 Day 4, defeating all his opponents 2-0. Duckdeok showcased his skills when he came out in the KSL Opening Ceremonies Semifinals match against oGs, where he was able to take out TheStC, jookTo, SuperNova and ForGG, before finally being stopped by MC, allowing his team to easily close out the series 6-2.

Duckdeok has also played in a number of Teamleagues for coL.MvP. He has appeared in IGN ProLeague Team Arena Challenge 1 a number of times and was able to take out players such as SLush, SeleCT and KiLLeR.

GSL Open Seasons[edit]

In 2010 Duckdeok qualified for the GSL Open Season 2, but was taken out by TheWinD 0-2 in the Round of 64.

GSL Code A[edit]

In 2011 he qualified for the GSL 2011 May Code A tournament where he faced aLive, but was once again defeated 0-2 in the Round of 32.

duckdeok qualified for GSL Season 4 by winning the EWM Season 3 Finals. His first opponent was the Brood War legend Jaedong, who had recently dropped down from Code S after receiving an invite. In a mild upset duckdeok defeated him 2-0 with 2 sentry/immortal all-ins.

duckdeok would find himself sent to the up and downs after a 0-2 loss to the StarTale Terran Hack however he would win his group 4-0 defeating Terrans Happy, Heart, and Sparta as well as the Team 8 Protoss Sang to secure his position in code S for 2012 Global StarCraft II League Season 5.

GSL Code S[edit]

Duckdeok made his code S debut in 2012 Global StarCraft II League Season 5, where he was placed in Group A with TaeJa, Polt and PartinG. He would beat TaeJa 2-0 in his first match, taking him to the Winner's Match of his group. There, he dropped both of his games against PartinG, before losing 2-1 to Polt in the final mach, dropping him to Ro32 in Code A.


In 2012, Duckdeok debuted in the GSTL in the GSTL 2012 Season 1 group playoff against FXO, where he was able to finish the series by taking out three consecutive members - Leenock, Oz and GuMiho.

Korean StarCraft II League[edit]

On December 8, 2011, Duckdeok participated in the KSL Daily Week 2 Day 4. Duckdeok started off from the quarterfinals. Duckdeok took down Freaky and Hack in order to advance to the finals. In the finals, Duckdeok defeated IceCream by a score of 2-0 and grabbed first place.

Esports Weekly Match[edit]

On June 29, 2012, Duckdeok participated in the EWM Season 3 Week 4. Duckdeok received a BYE in round one and then went on to take down GGF, Revival, Whale, and YongHwa to advance in to the finals against sC. Duckdeok defeated sC by a score of 2-1 and advanced in to the EWM Season 3 Finals where he would have a shot to obtain a Code A seed if he won against the other weekly winners.

On August 4, 2012, Duckdeok participated in the EWM Season 3 Finals. Duckdeok took down Galaxy by a score of 2-0 in the first round and then advanced in to the second round to face Dream. After defeating Dream by a score of 2-0, Duckdeok advanced in to the finals to face Tear. After defeating Tear by a score of 2-0, Duckdeok received a Code A seed for the 2012 Global StarCraft II Season 4.

Heart of the Swarm[edit]

WCS Europe[edit]

Duckdeok qualified for the 2013 WCS Season 1 Europe Challenger League, where he had a difficult start to his WCS career, losing 0-2 to HasuObs in the first round of the bracket stage. He was able to narrowly advance to the 2013 WCS Season 2 Europe Premier League through the Group Stage, losing to Bunny 1-2, but defeating KrasS 2-0 twice.

The Round of 32 did not start off auspiciously for duckdeok either, when he was dominated by DIMAGA in his first series, and lost 0-2, but recovered to defeat Dayshi 2-1 and then won the rematch with DIMAGA 2-1 to advance to the Ro16. Despite advancing, duckdeok received some criticism from the casters for his style of play, as he attempted a 1 or 2-base all-in in every game he played. As a result, duckdeok was an underdog coming into the Ro16 when he was placed in a group with last season's runner-up Stephano, who had gained fame with his seemingly unbeatable Swarm Host style in ZvP, PvP expert Welmu, and LucifroN, who was at the time considered the best non-Korean Terran player. Duckdeok surprised many by decisively beating Stephano 2-0, but lost 1-2 to Welmu in the Winners' Match, leaving him to battle LucifroN for a quarterfinals spot. Tied 1-1, duckdeok opted for an extremely risky fast 3-nexus build on Whirlwind, and seemed on the verge of falling to Challenger League to a 2-base all-in when he miraculously turned the tide of battle despite having LucifroN's army in his main base with many of his Gateways unpowered. In a post-game interview, duckdeok said that he was sure he had lost the game, and, perhaps somewhat modestly, credited his victory to luck.

In the quarterfinals, duckdeok was matched against NaNiwa. According to ToD, duckdeok was extremely confident before the match, predicting he would defeat NaNiwa 3-0. In fact, duckdeok won 3-1, repeatedly crushing NaNiwa's hidden tech builds with straightforward 1-base aggression. After narrowly edging out Grubby 3-2 in the semifinals, duckdeok advanced to play his countryman MC in the first WCS mirror match finals. After a tense, back-and-forth series, duckdeok prevailed in the decisive Game 7, recalling several of his quarterfinals victories over NaNiwa when he easily crushed MC's proxy Oracle build with a 1-base Stalker attack. Duckdeok was extremely emotional after his win, in sharp contrast to the guarded attitude he had throughout the tournament, which he attributed to having won a major tournament for the first time in an almost three-year StarCraft II career.

This accomplishment qualified duckdeok for the WCS 2013 Season 2 Final, where he won a rematch against his WCS Europe quarterfinals opponent NaNiwa 2-0 in his first match, but went on to lose 0-2 to both TaeJa and then in yet another rematch with NaNiwa, thus failing to advance past the group stage.

Legacy of the Void[edit]

On November 23, 2020, after almost 7 years since his original retirement and 3 years after retiring from his Heroes of the Storm career, duckdeok has announced that he would be coming back to competitive StarCraft II. [1]


2013-08-181stMajorAcer TeamStory Cup Season 1
5 : 3
Team AcerTeam Acer
2013-08-111stPremier2013 WCS Season 2 Europe: Premier League2013 WCS Season 2 Europe: Premier League
4 : 3$20,000
2012-12-082ndPremier2012 Global Starcraft II Team League Season 32012 Global Starcraft II Team League Season 3
3 : 5
FXOpen e-SportsFXOpen e-Sports
2012-11-213rd - 4thMajor2012 IGN Pro Team League2012 IGN Pro Team League
1 : 5
Incredible MiracleIncredible Miracle
2012-09-011stShowm. (Basic)Kung Fu Cup Weekly Season 1 Cup 14Kung Fu Cup Weekly Season 1 Cup 14
4 : 1$100
2012-08-041stMinorEsports Weekly Match Season #3Esports Weekly Match Season #3
2 : 0$500
2012-07-283rd - 4thPremier2012 Global StarCraft II Team League Season 22012 Global StarCraft II Team League Season 2
4 : 5
FXOpen e-SportsFXOpen e-Sports
2012-06-291stWeek. (Min.)EWM Season #3 Week #4EWM Season #3 Week #4
2 : 1$100
2012-05-191stMinorRevenge of the Nerds
3 : 1$6,391.41
2012-04-073rd - 4thPremier2012 Global Starcraft II Team League Season 12012 Global Starcraft II Team League Season 1
3 : 5
2011-12-223rdMajorIPL Team Arena ChallengeIPL Team Arena Challenge
3 : 5
2011-12-081stBasicKorean StarCraft II League Daily 2011 Week 2 Match 4
2 : 0$100
2011-10-081stPremier2011 Global Starcraft II Team League Season 12011 Global Starcraft II Team League Season 1
5 : 3
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  1. "duckdeok's Return to StarCraft II". November 23, 2020. "I'm about to return to starcraft2, It will take a lot of practice, but I will try, I've been challenging a lot of things over the years, but sc2 was the most fun, I'll be streaming on my Twitch channel for the time being."