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The Swedish E-Sports Championships (E-Sport SM in Swedish) is an event arranged by DreamHack and Inferno Online, the worlds largest online gaming center[1], to determine the Swedish Champion of five E-Sport titles. StarCraft II will be played alongside Counter-Strike 1.6, Heroes of Newerth, Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition and FIFA 12. The Championship with feature 8 qualifying events besides the Finals and will be held at a given date each month from October to May. The Finals Will be held at DreamHack Summer 2012 on the 16-19th of June.


E-Sport SM features eight offline events and an offline finals at DreamHack Summer 2012. One Championship each month from October 2011 to May 2012. The winner advances to the Championship Finals. After eight months, eight players will battle each other at the Championship Finals for the desirable title Swedish Champion. E-Sport SM is one of the steps in DreamHacks plan to cultivate the e-sports season into two distinct parts, one Swedish season that culminates at DreamHack Summer and one International season that have its climax at DreaHack Winter. E-Sport SM appeals to all Players currently living in Sweden, from beginners to full fledged StarCraft II pros.
To be eligible to participate in any of the tournaments, a player must either live in Sweden or be a Swedish citizen.

Qualifying Tournaments:

Championship Finals:

Prize Pool[edit]

E-Sport SM will feature a 400,000 SEK prize pool split over all the tournaments and games.

Qualifying Tournaments Prize Pool[edit]

For StarCraft II, the Qualifying Tournaments will offer 5,000 SEK, spread among players as follows:

Qualifying Tournaments:
3,000 SEK (~$440)
2,000 SEK (~$290)

Championship Finals Prize Pool[edit]

The Championship Finals will offer 100,000 SEK, spread among players as follows:

Championship Finals
70,000 SEK (~$10,000)
20,000 SEK (~$3,000)
10,000 SEK (~$1,500)


  • Qualifying Tournaments
    • Two qualifiers of 32 players each play in an online Single-elimination Bracket.
    • The 4 best of each qualifier will advance to an offline event to determine the winner.
    • The 8 player offline event will be held each month from October to May.
    • Each player brings his own gear.
  • Championship Finals
    • The 8 winners of the Qualifying Tournaments will play a 1v1 tournament at DreamHack Summer 2012.
    • The winner can proclaim himself Swedish Champion.


Map Name Publisher
TSL3 Metalopolis TeamLiquidEU
Antiga Shipyard Blizzard
ESL Shattered Temple ESL
GSL Dual Sight GomTV
ESL Shakuras Plateau ESL
Tal'Darim Altar LE Blizzard
GSTL GSL TerminusRE lolpatrol


  • All matches are best of three maps, where the first map is predetermined. After that the loser picks from the map pool.
RO64: TSL3 Metalopolis
RO32: Antiga Shipyard
RO16: ESL Shattered Temple
RO8: GSL Dual Sight
RO4: ESL Shakuras Plateau
Final: Tal'Darim Altar LE
  • If there is a disconnect or a computer failure mid game and a player is ahead by a wide margin and would win the game a staff member can judge that the game is decided without a regame. If this is not possible the game will be replayed.
  • It is forbidden to chat constantly during a game, and after a couple of minutes into the game a "GG" will mean that you concede the win to your opponent and you have to leave the game.
  • Streaming is allowed during the qualification only if both parties accepts this, if one party doesn't want an observer in the game then there shall be no observer in the game when it starts.
  • It is okay to switch races during the tournament, but both the staff and opponent needs to be informed before the game is hosted. To change races during the countdown is strictly forbidden.

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