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eGG-one Starleague

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The eGG-one Starleague, commonly abbreviated as the eOSL, is a StarCraft 2 league held and organized by, which purpose is to pit sixteen of the best French-speaking players.


In September 2010, announced the holding of a tournament reserved for French players. Even though this website was a newcomer in the world of e-sport, its competition was quickly recognized as a major part of the French StarCraft II scene. While the two first seasons featured only French players, the eOSL Winter 2012 opened itself to Belgian and Swiss players as well.


Starleague Date Winner Runner-Up Third
eOSL Winter 2010 2010-10-19 – 2010-12-17 Terran SarenS Terran TuZeR Zerg MoMaN
eOSL Summer 2011 2011-05-14 – 2011-06-26 Terran SarenS Terran AureS Protoss ToD
eOSL Winter 2012 2011-12-16 – 2012-02-03 Zerg Stephano Terran SarenS Zerg biGs


Medals won per Race[edit]

Terran 2 3 1
Zerg 1 0 2
Protoss 0 0 1

Medals won per Player[edit]


 -  France Terran SarenS
 -  France Zerg Stephano


 -  France Terran AureS  -  France Terran TuZeR  -  France Terran SarenS


 -  France Protoss ToD  -  France Zerg MoMaN  -  France RouaF  -  Switzerland biGs

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