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[e][h] ELVIS
Player Information
Antoine Paquay
Alternate IDs:
ECǂELVIS, stepgames, maggrig, Nemo
Approx. Total Winnings:
Years active:
2011 - 2012
2010-08-27 — 2010-10-??
2010-10-?? — 201?-??-??
201?-??-?? — 201?-??-??
2011-08-29 — 2012-02-29
2012-03-01 — 2012-07-27
2013-01-11 — 2013-10-13
Recent Matches
ELVIS  Belgium
South Korea  Daisy
2012-12-04 00:02:33UTC  
ELVIS  Belgium
Russia  Pomi
2012-12-04 00:02:26UTC  
ELVIS  Belgium
Netherlands  Ret
2012-12-04 00:01:52UTC  
ELVIS  Belgium
Germany  FakeDecision
2012-12-04 00:00:24UTC  
ELVIS  Belgium
Poland  SodoN
2012-12-04 00:00:17UTC  

Antoine "ELVIS" Paquay is a Zerg player from Belgium who is retired.


ELVIS has a Warcraft III background, but never played competitively.[1]

Wings of Liberty[edit]

ELVIS started playing to StarCraft II at the end of the Beta, and then mainly competed in online weekly events.

ELVIS was part of Team Sypher's initial roster created on August 10, 2010. He left the team in October to join the amateur Bulgarian team MD Games, which he later left for the Belgian organization[1][when?] On August 29, 2011, he followed his manager Taip in team BLAST.[2] Only three months later, he left the team because of tensions between him and the staff.[3]

In December 2011, ELVIS qualified for the eOSL Winter 2012, which was his first participation in a notable event, after his victory in the second Open Series. His entry in the tournament was quite a success, as he swept his compatriot Feast 3-0 in the first round. ELVIS was however no match for his next opponent, the two-times defending champion SarenS, who cleanly eliminated him.

On March 1, 2012, ELVIS was announced as the first player of team Eclypsia, where he was committed to partner with manager Taip again.[4][5]

July 22, it was announced that ELVIS left Eclypsia.[6] He ended up staying in the team. Five days later, on July 27, ELVIS left Eclypsia for good.[7] In the 11th January 2013, ELVIS joined BeNeLux-based organization LowLandLions.[8]

World Championship Series[edit]

2012 WCS Belgium Nationals[edit]

On May 13, 2012, ELVIS participated in the World Championship Series 2012 Belgium. After defeating Fauvent in the first round, ELVIS lost to Orly in the second round and fell to the losers bracket. After overcoming Veni, Arcane, Makouni, ELVIS faced Orly again in the finals but fell to 2nd place with a score of 0-2.


In A3Minor Tournaments
2012-05-132nd2012 StarCraft II World Championship Series: Belgium NationalsEclypsiaEclypsia0 : 2$500
In A4Basic Tournaments
2012-10-062ndPlayhem EU Daily 376– : –$30
2011-10-071stCraftCup Cup L96BLASTBLAST2 : 1$20
2011-08-291stGameCreds Cup Cup #29BLASTBLAST3 : 0$145.15
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Matchup Statistics

 vs Protossvs Terranvs Zergvs RandomTotal
as Protoss0 - 20 %3 - 350 %2 - 250 %0 - 0-5 - 741.7 %
as Zerg35 - 3252.2 %25 - 1267.6 %25 - 2649 %3 - 175 %88 - 7155.3 %

Earnings Statistics

1v1 Medal Statistics



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