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EMP Round

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[e][h]EMP Round
Spell Information
1.5 (2 with Enhanced Shockwaves upgrade)
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EMP Round (or EMP for short) is an offensive spell that is especially useful against Protoss. Within the targeted area all units and buildings lose up to 100 shields and 100 energy, and cloaked units (permanently cloaked, via a spell, or by the Mothership ability, but not burrowed) are revealed for 10 in-game seconds (or roughly 7 seconds when playing with Faster speed).


EMP is mainly useful against Protoss forces and any large clump of caster units.

Vs. Protoss[edit]

Can be used on the brunt of the Protoss force to quickly reduce shields and energy. Losing 100 shields in one shot is very devastating to Protoss armies, and will turn the tide of battle quickly towards the Terran player if used effectively. EMP is particularly effective on Archons, who only have 10hp after all their shields are removed, as well as Sentries, High Templars, and Oracles, as the loss of energy minimizes their offensive potential and intensifies their fragility.

EMP works well with Yamato Cannon for quickly killing Carriers or Colossus.

If you expect a medivac drop to meet high templar, EMP can also be used on the medivac beforehand to prevent feedback from damaging or destroying the drop.

Vs. Terran[edit]

EMP is least used against Terran. Likely the best uses of EMP against another Terran would be to sap energy from enemy Medivacs so they cannot heal, or to eliminate Banshees' ability to cloak. It can also be used against Terran Orbital Commands to remove energy for scans or other abilities. Bothersome Ravens, their Point Defense Drones can also be effective targets of EMP. During team play, enemy Ghosts can also be a priority.

Vs. Zerg[edit]

EMP is becoming more useful against Zerg because of an increase in the usage of Infestors. Burning their energy is very essential, especially in large battles. Fungal Growth can root your units long enough to allow the Zerg army to easily run them over and Neural Parasite can take control of key units (i.e. Thors and Tanks) that can completely turn the tide of battle, so it is important to prevent such spells from being cast.


  • Can be cast on friendly units.
  • Can be used to reveal any cloaked units such as Dark Templars and Observers, and units under a Mothership.
  • Can be cast on buildings, with the same effects as on units.

Patch Changes[edit]


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