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ESL Open Cups: Asia

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[e][h]ESL Open Cups: Asia
Series Information
Liquipedia tier:
South Korea South Korea
Start Date:
South Korea
Total prize money:
≃ $54,200 USD

The ESL Open Cups Asia allow all aspiring professionals and talented players to participate in weekly tournaments. These contribute 15 points [1] towards the ESL Pro Tour ranking and 100 USD in prize money, each tournament, each region, each week.

On May 13, 2020 it was announced that the cups' prize would be increased to $400 USD until January 18th, 2021 and that they would be played on Mondays instead of Sundays.[2]

On May 21, 2021 it was announced that due to a Partnership with shopify the Prize Pool was increased to $800 USD[3]

These tournaments are open for all players, there are no regional restrictions.


  • Single-elimination bracket.
    • All Matches are Bo3.
    • Finals are Bo5.

Prize Pools[edit]

Cups #1 to #18[edit]

$100 and 15 EPT points:

Place Prize (USD) EPT Points
1st $100 10
2nd - 5

Cups #19 to #53[edit]

$400 and 15 EPT points:

Place Prize (USD) EPT Points
1st $200 10
2nd $100 5
3rd-4th $50 0

Cups #54 to #64[edit]


Place Prize (USD)
1st $200
2nd $100
3rd-4th $50

Cups #72 to #74[edit]

$800 and 15 EPT points:

Place Prize (USD) EPT Points
1st $250 10
2nd $150 5
3rd-4th $100 0
5th-8th $50 0

Cups #75+[edit]

$800 and 19 EPT points:

Place Prize (USD) EPT Points
1st $250 10
2nd $150 5
3rd-4th $100 2
5th-8th $50 0


Season 1[edit]

#12020-01-12South Korea  SolarChina  TIMESouth Korea  TrapMexico  SpeCial
#22020-01-19South Korea  SolarUnited States  AstreaSouth Korea  BunnySouth Korea  Percival
#32020-01-26South Korea  TRUEUnited States  AstreaSouth Korea  TrapSweden  SortOf
#42020-02-02South Korea  SolarSouth Korea  CureSouth Korea  TrapSweden  SortOf
#52020-02-09South Korea  ZestSouth Korea  BomberSouth Korea  HerOUnited States  Astrea
#62020-02-16South Korea  ZounChina  TIMESweden  SortOfFrance  PtitDrogo
#72020-02-23South Korea  ZestSouth Korea  DreamChina  TIMEMexico  Cham
#82020-03-01South Korea  HerOSouth Korea  TRUETaiwan  NiceMexico  Cham
#92020-03-08South Korea  ArmaniSouth Korea  CreatorSouth Korea  ZestMexico  SpeCial
#102020-03-15South Korea  RagnaroKSouth Korea  TrapSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  Creator
#112020-03-22Canada  ScarlettSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  RagnaroKSouth Korea  Trap
#122020-03-29South Korea  CureSouth Korea  TrapUnited States  AstreaMexico  SpeCial
#132020-04-05South Korea  ZestSouth Korea  PartinGSweden  SortOfCanada  Scarlett
#142020-04-12South Korea  TrapSouth Korea  CureSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  PartinG
#152020-04-19South Korea  ZestSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  ArmaniMexico  JimRising
#162020-04-26South Korea  CureSouth Korea  HurricaneSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  Trap
#172020-05-03South Korea  CureUnited States  AstreaChina  TIMESouth Korea  Bunny
#182020-05-10South Korea  StatsCanada  ScarlettSouth Korea  ZestMexico  SpeCial
#192020-05-18South Korea  SolarSouth Korea  TrapSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  Stats
#202020-05-25South Korea  TrapUnited States  AstreaSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  Armani
#212020-06-01South Korea  StatsSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  TRUESouth Korea  Trap
#222020-06-08South Korea  ZestCanada  ScarlettChina  TIMEMexico  SpeCial
#232020-06-15South Korea  BunnySouth Korea  soOSouth Korea  ZestCanada  Scarlett
#242020-06-22South Korea  SolarSouth Korea  soOSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  Cure
#252020-06-29South Korea  ArmaniSouth Korea  TrapSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  Cure
#262020-07-06South Korea  StatsSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  sOs
#272020-07-13South Korea  TrapSouth Korea  StatsSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  Cure
#282020-07-20South Korea  DarkSouth Korea  StatsSouth Korea  sOsMexico  SpeCial
#292020-07-27South Korea  StatsSouth Korea  RagnaroKChina  TIMESouth Korea  sOs
#302020-08-03South Korea  sOsChina  TIMESouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  Hurricane
#312020-08-10South Korea  soOSouth Korea  PartinGSouth Korea  RagnaroKSouth Korea  Hurricane
#322020-08-17South Korea  ArmaniSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  DreamSouth Korea  PartinG
#332020-08-24South Korea  PatienceSouth Korea  ZounSouth Korea  gyulzzingSouth Korea  DongRaeGu
#342020-08-31South Korea  DongRaeGuSouth Korea  CureSouth Korea  StatsSouth Korea  Solar
#352020-09-07South Korea  StatsSouth Korea  ZestMexico  SpeCialSouth Korea  Solar
#362020-09-14South Korea  TrapSouth Korea  StatsSouth Korea  HurricaneMexico  SpeCial
#372020-09-21South Korea  StatsSouth Korea  HurricaneSouth Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  NightMare
#382020-09-28South Korea  DongRaeGuMexico  SpeCialTaiwan  NiceChina  TIME
#392020-10-05South Korea  SolarSouth Korea  TrapSouth Korea  DongRaeGuMexico  SpeCial
#402020-10-12South Korea  DarkSouth Korea  RogueSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  Bunny
#412020-10-19South Korea  DarkSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  BunnyMexico  SpeCial
#422020-10-26South Korea  SolarSouth Korea  DarkSouth Korea  TrapChina  MacSed
#432020-11-02South Korea  StatsMexico  SpeCialSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  RagnaroK
#442020-11-09South Korea  DreamSouth Korea  DongRaeGuSouth Korea  ZounSouth Korea  ByuN
#452020-11-16South Korea  RogueSouth Korea  DarkSouth Korea  ByuNChina  TIME
#462020-11-23South Korea  StatsSouth Korea  RogueSouth Korea  DarkMexico  SpeCial
#472020-11-30South Korea  ZestSouth Korea  RogueSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  Stats
#482020-12-07South Korea  StatsSouth Korea  RogueSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  Trap
#492020-12-14South Korea  SolarSouth Korea  StatsSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  Trap
#502020-12-21South Korea  ZestSouth Korea  TrapSouth Korea  ArmaniMexico  SpeCial
#512020-12-28South Korea  TrapSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  DarkSouth Korea  Zest
#522021-01-04South Korea  ZounSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  DreamSouth Korea  Creator
#532021-01-11South Korea  ZestSouth Korea  TrapChina  TIMESouth Korea  PartinG

Off-Season 1[edit]

#542021-01-18South Korea  CureSouth Korea  ArmaniSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  Solar
#552021-01-25South Korea  ZestChina  TIMESouth Korea  CreatorSouth Korea  Cure
#562021-02-01South Korea  CureSouth Korea  PatienceSouth Korea  DongRaeGuSouth Korea  Solar
#572021-02-08South Korea  StatsSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  ArmaniSouth Korea  Patience
#582021-02-15South Korea  StatsSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  DreamSouth Korea  Patience
#592021-02-22South Korea  ZestSouth Korea  NightMareSouth Korea  CreatorSouth Korea  Ryung
#602021-03-01South Korea  CureSouth Korea  ZestTaiwan  RexChina  MacSed
#612021-03-08South Korea  DarkSouth Korea  CureSouth Korea  CreatorMexico  SpeCial
#622021-03-15South Korea  CreatorSouth Korea  ViViDMexico  SpeCialSouth Korea  Puzzle
#632021-03-22South Korea  StatsSouth Korea  TrapChina  CyanSouth Korea  Solar
#642021-03-29South Korea  RagnaroKTaiwan  HasSouth Korea  PatienceChina  Cyan

Season 2[edit]

#652021-04-04South Korea  ZestSouth Korea  PartinGSouth Korea  TrapSouth Korea  Stats
#662021-04-11South Korea  StatsSouth Korea  PartinGSouth Korea  TrapMexico  SpeCial
#672021-04-18South Korea  CureSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  DongRaeGuSouth Korea  Armani
#682021-04-25South Korea  DarkSouth Korea  PartinGTaiwan  NiceSouth Korea  Zoun
#692021-05-02South Korea  SolarSouth Korea  CureSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  Creator
#702021-05-09South Korea  DongRaeGuSouth Korea  NightMareSouth Korea  DreamSouth Korea  Armani
#712021-05-16South Korea  CureSouth Korea  PartinGSouth Korea  DongRaeGuSouth Korea  Creator
#722021-05-23South Korea  DarkSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  PartinG
#732021-05-30South Korea  DarkSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  TrapSouth Korea  Cure
#742021-06-06South Korea  ZestMexico  SpeCialChina  CyanMexico  Cham
#752021-06-13South Korea  ZounSouth Korea  PercivalSouth Korea  PartinGSouth Korea  Solar
#762021-06-20South Korea  ZestSouth Korea  DarkSouth Korea  DongRaeGuSouth Korea  Solar
#772021-06-27South Korea  CureSouth Korea  SolarMexico  ChamSouth Korea  Creator
#782021-07-04South Korea  CureSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  CreatorSouth Korea  herO
#792021-07-11South Korea  CureSouth Korea  PartinGMexico  SpeCialSouth Korea  Dream
#802021-07-18South Korea  PartinGSouth Korea  ZestTaiwan  NiceSouth Korea  DRG
#812021-07-25South Korea  CureSouth Korea  CreatorSouth Korea  GuMihoDenmark  MaxPax
#822021-08-01South Korea  ZestSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  CreatorSouth Korea  Leenock
#832021-08-08South Korea  ZestSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  TrapSouth Korea  Cure
#842021-08-15South Korea  ZestSouth Korea  CureSouth Korea  herOSouth Korea  Creator
#852021-08-22South Korea  CreatorTaiwan  HasSouth Korea  ClassicTaiwan  Nice
#862021-08-29South Korea  CreatorMexico  SpeCialDenmark  MaxPaxTaiwan  Has
#872021-09-05South Korea  CreatorSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  PartinGSouth Korea  Cure
#882021-09-12South Korea  ZestSouth Korea  herOSouth Korea  CureNetherlands  uThermal
#892021-09-19South Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  DreamSouth Korea  herOSouth Korea  Creator
#902021-09-26South Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  herOSouth Korea  Solar
#912021-10-03South Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  ZounSouth Korea  DarkTaiwan  Nice
#922021-10-10South Korea  ZounSouth Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  Solar
#932021-10-24South Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  ClassicChina  TIME
#942021-10-31South Korea  RagnaroKSouth Korea  NightMareTaiwan  HasSouth Korea  Leenock
#952021-11-07South Korea  herOSouth Korea  NightMareRussia  SKillousSouth Korea  Zoun
#962021-11-14South Korea  CureChina  TIMESouth Korea  ClassicSouth Korea  ByuN
#972021-11-17South Korea  CureSouth Korea  ZounSouth Korea  RogueChina  TIME
#982021-11-21South Korea  DarkSouth Korea  CureSouth Korea  ClassicSouth Korea  Zest
#992021-11-28South Korea  DarkSouth Korea  DRGSouth Korea  herOSouth Korea  Zest
#1002021-12-05South Korea  DarkSouth Korea  CureSouth Korea  ZounSouth Korea  herO
#1012021-12-12China  TIMESouth Korea  DRGSouth Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  Cure
#1022021-12-19South Korea  SolarSouth Korea  herOSouth Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  Armani
#1032021-12-26South Korea  ZestSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  RagnaroKSouth Korea  Ryung
#1042022-01-02South Korea  SolarSouth Korea  herOChina  CyanSouth Korea  ByuN
#1052022-01-09South Korea  SolarSouth Korea  herOTaiwan  NiceMexico  SpeCial

Off-Season 2[edit]

#1062022-01-16South Korea  ZestSouth Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  DarkSouth Korea  RagnaroK
#1072022-01-23South Korea  herOSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  ByuNChina  Cyan
#1082022-01-30 TBD TBD TBD TBD
#1092022-02-06 TBD TBD TBD TBD
#1102022-02-13 TBD TBD TBD TBD


Medals won per Player[edit]

Medals won per Race[edit]


Medals won per Country[edit]

Medals won per Team[edit]

Note: Medals won per Team shows the team that a player was
on when the medal was won, not their current team.

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