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ESL Pro Tour 2020/21: Combined Standings

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Players competing in ESL Pro Tour 2020/21 events will be able to earn points.

Combined Standings[edit]

This list shows the combined Standings and current points awarded in still ongoing events. We removed finished events from the display for readability purposes.

For the combined Standings each player is displayed with the points from the Regional Standing in which the player has earned the most points. (E.g. for SpeCial this means that his point winnings from Global and LatAm Events is displayed and his point winnings from GSL events ignored.)

Note: denotes the minimum possible points that players will gain in either a current tournament or future tournament for which they have qualified.
  = Qualified (via the Combined Standings) for Global Finals: Main Stage.
  = Can still qualify (via the Combined Standings) for Global Finals: Main Stage.
  = Can not qualify. For more information see notes.

   1 Dear, Impact, soO and TRUE are fulfilling their mandatory military service at the time of the Global Finals and hence can not qualify.
   2 These players are already qualified for the Round of 24 via their Regional Standings.
Extra Seed goes to Korea.

#PlayerEPT Points
1South Korea  TY23,162
2South Korea  Rogue22,84530
3Finland  Serral22,83010
4Italy  Reynor22,70275
5South Korea  Maru22,405
6South Korea  Trap22,38785
7South Korea  Stats22,330110
8South Korea  INnoVation22,155
9France  Clem22,127190
10South Korea  Zest21,845145
11South Korea  Cure21,58455
12Mexico  SpeCial21,48240
13South Korea  Dark21,46040
14South Korea  PartinG21,349140
15South Korea  Solar1,340225
16Germany  HeRoMaRinE21,272275
17Germany  ShoWTimE21,145105
18United States  Astrea21,13330
19United States  Neeb21,06955
20South Korea  DongRaeGu96525
21South Korea  Armani93560
22China  TIME285515
23South Korea  Dear1810
24South Korea  sOs78510
25South Korea  soO176420
26Canada  Scarlett73055
27Taiwan  Nice72715
28South Korea  ByuN72010
29Poland  Elazer68910
30Netherlands  uThermal65740
31South Korea  Dream62530
32South Korea  Bunny59310
32South Korea  RagnaroK59315
34South Korea  Hurricane57510
35Taiwan  Has565
36Germany  Lambo54030
37Poland  MaNa51430
38France  MarineLorD49510
39France  PtitDrogo47930
40South Korea  Zoun44835
41Brazil  Kelazhur4235
42Russia  SKillous40815
43Poland  Gerald3945
44Australia  Probe355
45Russia  Vanya352
46South Korea  Patience33510
47France  Denver31220
48Mexico  Cham31020
49Poland  souL30230
50United States  Future30015
51Ukraine  Bly29350
52United Kingdom  RiSky287
53South Korea  TaeJa280
54South Korea  Impact1272
55Philippines  EnDerr265
56Netherlands  Harstem25820
57Ukraine  Hellraiser254
58Australia  Seither250
59South Korea  Creator2275
60United States  Nina2005
61France  Stephano195
62South Korea  Bomber1705
63Sweden  Namshar16915
64France  DnS167
65Germany  GunGFuBanDa1655
66Russia  Rail1625
67China  Cyan160
68Croatia  goblin15010
68Denmark  MaxPax15015
70Sweden  SortOf145
71South Korea  Prince137.5
72France  ShaDoWn132
73China  Jieshi130
73South Korea  Spear130
75South Korea  NaTuRal112.5
76South Korea  Super100
76China  XY100
78South Korea  kiwian97.5
79Spain  AqueroN9510
80Germany  TLO945
81United States  Silky90
82Russia  Arctur88
83Ukraine  Kas87
84Brazil  Erik85
84China  MacSed85
84Taiwan  Rex85
87South Korea  TRUE18015
88South Korea  Billowy75
88Russia  Brat_OK75
88Taiwan  ButAlways75
88Poland  Krystianer75
88Canada  MaSa75
93South Korea  Chance72.5
93South Korea  Percival72.5
95Vietnam  MeomaikA70
96South Korea  SuperNova67.5
97South Korea  Curious65
97Mexico  JimRising65
97United States  MCanning65
97South Korea  NightMare65
101South Korea  gyulzzing62.5
102Taiwan  ExpecT60
103United States  PiLiPiLi5515
103China  Silky55
105United Kingdom  RazerBlader50
106Poland  ArT47
107Spain  SouLeer45
107Taiwan  YoGer45
109South Korea  CoCa42.5
110United States  Vindicta42
111China  Asuna40
111Canada  DisK40
111South Korea  elizae40
111South Korea  Mondo40
111Poland  Ziggy40
116Russia  Couguar35
116United States  JonSnow35
116Russia  MilkiCow35
116China  XiGua35
120South Korea  Jinioh32.5
120South Korea  Rookie32.5
120South Korea  Yewon32.5
120South Korea  또치32.5
124South Korea  DRGLing30
124China  Firefly30
124South Korea  LunaSea30
124United Kingdom  TeebuL30
124South Korea  Terra30
124Brazil  TheZergLord30
130Germany  Spatz26
131Australia  NXZ25
132Austria  HateMe24
133Colombia  eGGz20
133France  Garitos20
133Russia  KingCobra20
133Bulgaria  Nitix20
133Canada  Semper20
138Ukraine  DIMAGA15
138United States  Epic15
138Hong Kong  GogojOey15
138Taiwan  NaXin15
138United States  Rob15
143Poland  BluE12
143Netherlands  Marsman12
145Estonia  kiyj11
146Australia  Azure10
146United States  Creature10
146Chile  Darkness10
146India  Demi10
146South Korea  HerO1010
146United States  PattyMac10
146Taiwan  MysteryMan10
146Poland  Rodzyn105
146Taiwan  Sen10
155Russia  Bee8
156Germany  BattleB5
156Singapore  Blysk5
156China  BreakingGG5
156China  Coffee5
156United States  Cuddlebear5
156France  FireFoX5
156Germany  FrisK5
156Poland  Indy5
156United States  jheffe5
156Brazil  nanO5
156Poland  Nerchio5
156Mexico  Pacomike5
156Denmark  PappiJoe5
156Australia  piglet5
156Slovakia  BlueCheese5
156Peru  Ryu5
156China  jaedongoz5
156China  Wanted5
156Ukraine  ZipperTheFly5
175Russia  Creed3
175Sweden  FightingFrog3
175Germany  ForJumy3
175Lithuania  Krr3
175Germany  Moja3
175Russia  MysticMuse3
175Netherlands  RotterdaM3
175Spain  VortiX3