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ESL Pro Tour 2021/22 Combined Standings

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Players competing in ESL Pro Tour 2021/22 events will be able to earn points.


Note: denotes the minimum possible points that players will gain in either a current tournament or future tournament for which they have qualified.
  = Qualified for Global Finals: Main Stage.
  = Qualified for Global Finals: Play-In-Stage.
  = Can still qualify for Global Finals.
  = Can not qualify. For more information see notes.


1 Reynor, Serral, and Maru qualified due to winning a DH Masters event.
2 Rogue, Dark and Cure qualified due to winning a GSL Code S.
3 Stats, INnoVation, PartinG, TY, and Patience are fulfilling their mandatory military service at the time of the Global Finals and hence can not qualify.
sOs retired.

4 MarineLorD, MaxPax, Hurricane, and Keen declined their invites.

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