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ESL Pro Tour 2021/22 Korea: Standings

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Players competing in ESL Pro Tour 2021/22 Korea events and Global events will be able to earn points.


Note: denotes the minimum possible points that players will gain in either a current tournament or future tournament for which they have qualified.
  = Qualified for Global Finals: Main Stage.
  = Qualified for Global Finals: Play-In-Stage.
  = Can still qualify for Global Finals.
  = Can not qualify. For more information see notes.

#PlayerEPT Points
GSL ST2GSL ST3Last Chance
Summer (Global)
Fall (Global)Winter (Global)
1South Korea  Bunny265265
1South Korea  Dream2652650
1South Korea  Hurricane265265
1South Korea  Maru265265
5South Korea  Cure170170
5South Korea  DongRaeGu170170
7South Korea  Zest150140010
8South Korea  Armani140140
8South Korea  Dark140140
8South Korea  INnoVation140140
8South Korea  Rogue140140
8South Korea  sOs140140
8South Korea  Solar140140
8South Korea  TY140140
8South Korea  Trap1401400
8South Korea  Zoun1401400
17South Korea  PartinG908010
17South Korea  Stats908010
19South Korea  ByuN8080
19South Korea  Creator8080
19South Korea  Percival8080
19South Korea  Prince8080
19South Korea  RagnaroK8080
19Mexico  SpeCial8080
25South Korea  Billowy5555
25South Korea  NightMare5555
25South Korea  Patience5555
25South Korea  ViViD5555
29South Korea  ForGG4040
29South Korea  LunaSea4040
29South Korea  NaTuRal4040
29South Korea  NalZa4040
29South Korea  Puzzle4040
29South Korea  Ryung4040
29South Korea  TAiLS4040
29South Korea  Trust4040
37South Korea  Apocalypto2525
37Poland  ArT2525
37South Korea  Arai2525
37South Korea  Curious2525
37South Korea  DRGLing2525
37South Korea  incapacitate2525
37South Korea  origin2525
37South Korea  StephenCurry2525

Point System[edit]

Global Points[edit]

Season Finals[edit]

Place EPT Points
1st 900
2nd 600
3 - 4th 375
5 - 8th 240
9 - 12th 150
13 - 16th 75
Total 4,110

Last Chance[edit]

Place EPT Points
1st 600
2nd 400
3 - 4th 250
5 - 8th 160
9 - 12th 150
13 - 16th 50
Total 2,740

Weekly Cups[edit]

Place EPT Points
1st 10
2nd 5
Total 15

Korea Points[edit]


Place EPT Points
1st 825
2nd 575
3 - 4th 415
5 - 8th 265
9 - 12th 170
13 - 16th 140
17 - 24th 80
25 - 28th 55
29 - 36th 40
37 - 44th 25
Total 5,910

Super Tournaments[edit]

Place EPT Points
1st TBD
2nd TBD
3 - 4th TBD
5 - 8th TBD
9 - 16th TBD
Total TBD

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