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ESL Pro Tour 2022/23

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The ESL Pro Tour 2022/23 (EPT) is a series of events organized by or in cooperation with ESL. They are designed to include three major StarCraft II broadcasters, AfreecaTV, DreamHack and ESL. ESL Pro Tour will be essentially split into seven regions, only reunited in Global Events and in the Global Finals at IEM Katowice 2023 that concludes the season.

Thirty-six spots in the Masters Championship 2023 (Global Finals) will be available, either by winning specific events, or by being one of the top-ranked players of the regional EPT Standings.


The ESL Pro Tour 2022/23 system is split into seven regions, each region has their individual standings.


For EPT, the world is divided into two regions:

  • South Korea
  • Rest of the World, split into the sub regions:
    • Europe (Europe and Africa)
    • North America (USA and Canada)
    • Latin America (Rest of the Americas)
    • China (Mainland China)
    • Taiwan (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Mongolia)
    • Oceania (Australia, New Zealand, Oceania, and all unassigned Asian countries)

Throughout the year[edit]

ESL Pro Tour 2022/2023 - GSL Format


Three seasons of Global StarCraft II League (GSL) awarding points.

Two GSL Supertournaments, a 16 player single-elimination event, that qualifies the top 4 to the first season of GSL: Code S and to close the year.

GSL: Code S consists of a Round of 20 DE Group Stage followed by a Round of 10 RR Group Stage and a 4 player single-elimination Playoffs bracket.

ESL Pro Tour 2021/2022 - Regional Divisions

Regional Play[edit]

Two SC2 Masters Seasons split into regional Divisions (Europe, North America, Latin America, China, Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau/Japan and Oceania/Rest of Asia (except Korea)) awarding EPT Circuit points.

Each Division has a different prize pool and format. The Divisions are region locked and qualify players to the Global part of the three SC2 Masters Seasons.

ESL Pro Tour 2022/2023 - Global Events

Global Events[edit]

Besides the ESL Open Cups and IEM Katowice 2023 as well as the EPT Season Finals (Valencia and Atlanta) 2 organizations joined in this season to organize tournaments being part of the tour: Team Liquid with the TSL9 and TaKeTV with 2 seasons of HomeStory Cup.

Online Weekly tournaments provide additional points every Sunday/Monday.

Masters Championship 2022[edit]

At the end of the year, thirty-six players qualify to the Masters Championship 2023.

  • The winners of the three GSL seasons.
  • The winners of the two Global DH SC2 Masters.
  • With EPT points:
    • EPT Korea: 5 seeds from the standings (+1 for every GSL winner that already has a slot)
    • EPT Circuit: 8 seeds from the standings
      • 4 for Europe, 2 for North America, 1 for China and 1 for Latin America.
  • The Top 4 from the offline Play-In Stage at the event.
    • 7 players from Korean Standings and 9 players from Circuit Standings qualify for the Play-In Stage.
  • The two best not already qualified player in a merged ranking.

Premier ESL Pro Tour 2022/2023 Events[edit]

World Championship
IEM Katowice 20232023-02-08 - 2023-02-12$500,00036Poland Katowice
China Terran OliveiraSouth Korea Terran Maru4 - 1
Global Events
King of Battles 32022-04-28 - 2022-05-01$15,00016OnlineItaly Zerg ReynorFinland Zerg Serral4 - 0
DH SC2 Masters Valencia2022-07-01 - 2022-07-03$100,00056Spain Valencia
South Korea Zerg DarkSouth Korea Terran Maru4 - 3
HomeStory Cup XXI2022-07-21 - 2022-07-24$42,00032Germany Krefeld
Finland Zerg SerralFrance Terran Clem5 - 1
TeamLiquid StarLeague 92022-07-29 - 2022-09-04$40,00032Netherlands Utrecht
Finland Zerg SerralSouth Korea Terran Maru4 - 1
AfreecaTV Champions Cup2022-11-03 - 2022-11-06$15,00016OnlineSouth Korea Zerg DarkSouth Korea Terran Maru4 - 3
DH SC2 Masters Atlanta2022-11-18 - 2022-11-20$100,00080United States Atlanta
South Korea Protoss herOSouth Korea Terran Bunny4 - 3
HomeStory Cup XXII2022-12-15 - 2022-12-18$26,00032Germany Krefeld
Italy Zerg ReynorUnited States Protoss Astrea3 - 1
Global StarCraft II LeagueGlobal StarCraft II League2022 Global StarCraft II League Season 12022-03-21 - 2022-05-05$123,00020South Korea Seoul
South Korea Zerg RogueSouth Korea Protoss Creator4 - 2
Global StarCraft II LeagueGlobal StarCraft II League2022 Global StarCraft II League Season 22022-06-06 - 2022-07-29$123,00020South Korea Seoul
South Korea Protoss herOSouth Korea Terran Maru4 - 1
Global StarCraft II LeagueGlobal StarCraft II League2022 Global StarCraft II League Season 32022-08-22 - 2022-10-15$123,00020South Korea Seoul
South Korea Terran MaruSouth Korea Zerg RagnaroK4 - 0
EPT Korea Events
Global StarCraft II LeagueGlobal StarCraft II LeagueGSL Super Tournament 12022-01-17 - 2022-01-27$30,50016South Korea Seoul
South Korea Protoss ZestSouth Korea Zerg Dark4 - 3
Global StarCraft II LeagueGlobal StarCraft II LeagueGSL Super Tournament 22022-11-28 - 2022-12-08$30,50016South Korea Seoul
South Korea Zerg SolarSouth Korea Zerg Dark4 - 3
EPT Circuit Events
DH Masters/EUDH Masters/EUDH SC2 Masters Valencia: Europe2022-05-18 - 2022-06-05$110,50032Europe EuropeFrance Terran ClemItaly Zerg Reynor4 - 3
DH Masters/EUDH Masters/EUDH SC2 Masters Atlanta: Europe2022-09-28 - 2022-10-16$110,50032Europe EuropeFrance Terran ClemItaly Zerg Reynor4 - 3

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