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ESL StarCraft II beta Saturday Cup was a weekly, open sign-up, one-day tournament. The cup was ran by ESL, a German-based gaming site who runs tournament for all major e-sport games. Before the launch of the StarCraft II beta, ESL hosted five StarCraft: Brood War seasons of its very popular ESL Major Series.

The cup ran every Saturday at 14:00 CET and was only available for players who had a beta key for the EU server, this due to the limitations in the StarCraft II beta which stops players from chosing what server they want to play on.

After only 4 tournaments ESL announced their Go4SC2 tournament which would replace both the Saturday and Monday weekly cup.


  • Random seeds
  • Depending on the number of participants the cup can be single or double-elimination.
  • The first round is always Bo1. There is no set round where the format switches to Bo3, instead the switch is based on the number of participants.



  • Bo1: Each player eliminates one map at the time until only one map remains.
  • Bo3: Each player eliminates one map at the time until three maps remain. Then both players chose one map they want. The remaining map is the decider.


The numbers may appear to be inconsistent as there appears to be a cup missing. This is due to the inconsistency of ESL's naming system for these tournaments and no cups should be missing.

Beta tournaments[edit]

The first Saturday cup tournament has not yet been finished. The finals were not played due to connection issues for one the players. The matches are planned to be played on the 18th of March.

# Grand Final Result Participants Replay pack
#2  NightEnD  Kritar
2 - 0
#3  MoMaN  LaLuSh
3 - 1
64 Ro8 onwards
#4  MoMaN  affenjunge
3 - 2
64 None yet!

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