ESV Mapmaking Team


The E-Sports Vision Mapmaking Team was originally formed in the beta of StarCraft 2, affiliated with ICCup. The ICCup Mapmaking Team started as a collaboration between Protoss4Ever, prodiG, and Konicki to create high quality maps for competitive play. The team later merged with the TeamSix and added Grebliv, Monitor, G_wen and neobowman. Shortly after this merge, Nightmarjoo (aka Lyra), one of the top map designers in Brood War, was brought onto the team as a map consultant. After departing from ICCup, the team renamed themself ESV (E-Sports Vision). Their members continue to work together to create melee maps for professional play.



  • July 27: SteelSeries becomes the primary sponsor of the iCCup Mapmaking Team.[1]
  • August 17: ICCup renamed ESV.[2]


  • January 3: IronManSC joins ESV.[3]
  • April 17: Jacky joins ESV.[4]
  • June 29: Gfire and Namrufus join ESV.[5]




  • Josh "prodiG" Folland
  • George "GWen" Wen
  • Jacob "Namrufus" Cole
  • Vilberg "Grebliv" Kristinsson
  • Alec "Timetwister22" Cooper
  • Gabriel "Gfire" Van Den Elzen
  • Geun ho"Jacky" Park
  • Travis "IronManSC" Rinker
  • Justin "NewSunshine" Miller

Former Members[edit]


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Tournament Maps[edit]

2 player maps
(2) ESV Cloud Kingdom by SUPEROUMAN (2) ESV Sanshorn Mists by SUPEROUMAN (2) ESV Ohana by IronManSC
3 Player Maps
(3) ESV Testbug by SUPEROUMAN

Finished Maps[edit]

2 player maps
(2) ESV Equinox by Monitor (2) ESV Guardian by Timetwister22 (2) ESV Blitzkrieg by Neobowman (2) ESV Havens Lagoon by Timetwister22 (2) ESV Ohana by IronManSC
(2) ESV Discord by Grebliv (2) ESV Korhal Compound by Monitor (2) ESV Bardiche by Neobowman (2) ESV Brineclaw by GWen (2) ESV Deception by ProdiG
3 Player Maps
(3) ESV Sanctuary by Grebliv

Other Maps[edit]

1v1 Maps
2 Player Maps
(2) ESV Oumanville by SUPEROUMAN (2) ESV Edge Of Oblivion by ProdiG (2) ESV Viridian by Monitor
(2) ESV Starlight Breaker SE by neobowman (2) ESV Empress March by GWen
4 Player Maps
(4) ESV Ithaca by ProdiG
2v2 Maps
(2v2) ESV Citadel of Gaia by ProdiG