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ESV Sanshorn Mists

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 This article is for a user made Melee Map. It is not currently part of standard competitive play
[e][h]Sanshorn Mist AE
Map Information
Spawn Positions:
2 at 3 and 9
2.3, AE
Competition Span:
July 8, 2010


This is the remake from Konicki's old map, many changes have been made all over the map. The main shape has been modified, the natural mineral formation has been moved a little bit, the 3rd has been also moved and the island has minor changes. The 4th bases have more minerals and the gold had a major change, it is now next to the main cliff. Line of sight blockers around the Towers have been removed, the middle highground path have now a more natural shape.

Notable Features[edit]

  • There is a small, level 2 outcrop off the main which allows Siege Tanks or Photon Cannons to fire into the outer pathway, or for Reapers and Colossi to have access to the main from the outer path.
  • Two island expansions in each corner of the map

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