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Kevin "illuu" Vandini
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eSahara was a French multigaming organization, which had a StarCraft II roster from July 9, 2011 to March 22, 2012, date of the team's merger with Absolute Legends.

eSahara was a French multigaming team that is most recognized for its Counter-Strike division. eSahara established a StarCraft II division on 9 July 2011. The team initially picked up Souaib "cArn" Hanaf, a French Terran player who lives in South Korea in an attempt to qualify for a spot in GSL Code A, and Sebastian "FuRy" Pesic, a Swedish Terran player who was left without a team after the dissolution of RAGE Gaming. The latter decided to retire a few months after. Since the beginning of September 2011, eSahara has tried to expand their horizon and set themselves up as an important professional team in an already crowded European scene. The team was acquired by Absolute Legends on March 22, 2012.[1]



  • July 9, eSahara announces the creation of its StarCraft II section with the acquisition of cArn and FuRy.[2]
  • July 31, eSahara acquires VERDI.[3]
  • August 20, Cash joins eSahara, and states that he will switch to StarCraft II after WCG 2011 and ESWC 2011.[4]
  • September 9, eSahara announces that both FuRy and VERDI had decided to leave the team and to put an end to their respective careers. VERDI later reversed his decision to leave.[5]
  • September 18, eSahara acquires team rez-ts's roster.[6]
  • September 19, eSahara signs Vladoica.[7]
  • October 2, DeathAngel joins eSahara.[8]
  • October 31, Naama, Satiini and RiSK join the team, while Jarick leaves. The team is split in two: professional team and talent team.[9]
  • November 19, eSahara announces its eSahara Cup, a sixteen players invitational tournament.[10]
  • November 27, Check, who was still teamless after his departure of team Prime, joins eSahara.[11] Meanwhile, eSahara ends RiSK's contract because of an incident which occurred during a Go4SC2. The young player indeed repeatedly insulted an ESL admin as well as a shoutcaster, and later refused to apologize for his behaviour.[12]
  • December 13, eSahara signs MaddeLisk, a female Masters Zerg player.[13]


  • January 3, it is announced that Naama and DeathAngel will go practice in Korea from January 11 with MvP's B-team (Project Supreme). They will meet their teammates Check and cArn, and try to qualify for GSL Code A.[14]
  • January 4, Maka, who recently left Prime, joins eSahara. The team also announces the recruitment of the former Brood War player pepe.[15]
  • January 5, a former manager of team WeMade FOX claims that pepe is still employed by the Korean organization, and that eSahara is either misinformed or fooled by an imposter. Later in the day, eSahara announced they had been informed by third party people that the player they hired was indeed an imposter, who used his good level on the North American ladder and his huge knowledge of the Brood War scene (including confidential information on some players, confirmed by SLoG and the KeSPA) to trick them into thinking he was the actual pepe. The team subsequently expelled the imposter from its roster.[16]
  • January 10, eSahara recruits BabyKnight, while VERDI decides to retire in order to focus on his studies and subsequently leaves the team.[17][18]
  • January 10, eSahara launches its Illu's Academy, a four-tournaments series dedicated to players that are not currently bound by a contract with a team, and which features a spot in eSahara's talent team as a reward for the winner.[19]
  • January 11, cArn parts way with eSahara due to his refusal to attend the GSL qualifiers (believing that his skill was not yet sufficient to participate).[20]
  • January 15, HongUn, who was still teamless after his departure from Prime, joins eSahara.[21]
  • February 3, a partnership between eSahara, Old Generations and Razer is announced. It is meant to help grow each other’s presence in Korean and international e-Sport scenes.[22] Meanwhile, VERDI rejoins the team.[23]
  • March 8, After some controversy, VERDI and Russian manager TeSt leave the team.[24][25]
  • March 13, Korean Zerg Check retires from progaming.[26]
  • March 13, Head-Manager Kevin 'illuu' Vandini takes the lead of the StarCraft II Squad.
  • March 22, the team is acquired by Absolute Legends.[1]

Player Roster[edit]

Players acquired by Absolute Legends[edit]

Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
DenmarkBabyKnightJon Andersen2012-01-102012-03-22Absolute LegendsAbsolute Legends Absolute Legends
RomaniaDeathAngelAndrei Nodea2011-10-022012-03-22Absolute LegendsAbsolute Legends Absolute Legends
South KoreaHongUnAhn Hong Wook2012-01-152012-03-22Absolute LegendsAbsolute Legends Absolute Legends
SwedenMaddeLiskMadeleine Leander2011-12-132012-03-22Absolute LegendsAbsolute Legends Absolute Legends
South KoreaMakaKwak Han Eol2012-01-042012-03-22Absolute LegendsAbsolute Legends Absolute Legends
FinlandNaamaSanteri Lahtinen2011-10-312012-03-22Absolute LegendsAbsolute Legends Absolute Legends
FinlandSatiiniJuha-Matti Backström2011-10-312012-03-22Absolute LegendsAbsolute Legends Absolute Legends

Former Players[edit]

Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
FrancecArnSouaib Hanaf201?-??-??2012-01-11Blight GamingBlight Gaming Blight Gaming
South KoreaCheckLee Hyung Joo2011-11-272012-03-13 Retirement
SwedenFuRySebastian Pesic201?-??-??201?-??-?? Retirement
FranceRiSKRomain Locquet2011-10-312011-11-27DuSt GamingDuSt Gaming DuSt Gaming


Staff at time of Disbandment
ID Name Position
France illuKevin Vandini Head Manager & Coach
Russia DeathNoteOleg Gusev Orga

Team Achievements[edit]

2011-11-07AA1stA9UndefinedSC2aLone Second Interseasonal CupSC2aLone Second Interseasonal Cup4 : 2HD GameHD Game$0
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