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Avner "aGGy" Duchovni
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eSrael is a former Israeli e-Sports organization, founded on 2001 and active until the end of 2012.


eSrael is a pro Israeli multigaming team, managed by Avner 'aGGy' Duchovni, and includes squads in StarCraft II, CS 1.6, CS:S, and LoL. The StarCraft II squad consists of 8 players, and was created early 2011, drafting players from an Israeli team named TOP.

eSrael consists of solely Israeli players, featuring some of the country's finest gamers. The team takes an important role in forming Israel's competitive gaming, and is the core of a lot of activity. The team is sponsored by SteelSeries, Antec, and TheGamersTV, and participates in the SC2CL.


eSrael Gaming was founded on 2001 by Jeremie Kletzkine. Starting as a CS1.6 team, it had rapidly expanded, attracting teams from different titles, as TF2, CoD, CS:S, FIFA, Warcraft III, StarCraft II and more.

On April 5, 2011, eSrael had announced its brand new SC2 division, with the roster existing of the top players from TOP, an existing Israeli team, created by GreatOldOne and aGGy.[1]


  • September 12, during a LAN party, GreatOldOne and aGGy are gathering players, presenting them with the idea of creating an Israeli team. A lot of people seem interested, and the first Israeli team is founded, still nameless.
  • November 17, the team site being lauched.[2]
  • November 21, the team name is final: TOP - Team OverPowered.
  • December 24, TOP lan is being held. The tournament is won by JonyJ.[3]


  • April 5, eSrael's StarCraft II division is announced, consisting of TOP's 7 elite players.
  • April 10, eSrael joines the second season of SC2CL clan league. The team is placed in division 3-D.
  • June 19, eSrael finishes 4th at SC2CL season II, with record of 8-3.
  • November 28, eSrael roster changes with GreatOldOne and JonyJ leaving the team, while Surf, frozzz and Flyling join the team.[4]


  • May 20, a showmatch between BHmaster and YuvalShot is held during a game developers conference.
  • June 15, Disturbed and Zanubis fly to Sweden to participate in DreamHack Summer EIZO Open. Zanubis advances to the 2nd group stage.
  • June 21, Omer takes 4th place in the Ignition Cup in Chicago.
  • June 30, Zanubis wins Season 1 of the IGA Championship. Adonminus takes 3rd place.
  • October 28, Zanubis wins the IGAOpen Summer Challenge. Adonminus takes 4th place.
  • After planning the fiscal year of 2013, aimed at turning to a leading eSports organization by recruiting professional players, and paying a respectable salary to players and managers alike, all teams eventually were disbanded, as a result of failing to collect sufficient funding for what was planned.

Among the players that were interested in joining e-Srael Gaming at 2013 was now TeamLiquid's own Snute.

Player Roster[edit]


Best Yearly Result:

ID Name 2012
ilIsrael z Cormorant -
ilIsrael p Disturbed Henili Shrayber 65 - 96th 2012 DreamHack Summer
ilIsrael z Sinok Yakov Shapira -
ilIsrael z Skipper -
ilIsrael t Warsfear -
ilIsrael t ooLaLa -


Best Yearly Result:

ID Name 2012
ilIsrael t BHmaster Ben Hatzofe -
ilIsrael z Flyling Rotem Leffler -
ilIsrael z Omer Omer Yempel -
ilIsrael p YuvalShot Yuval Shahar -
ilIsrael p Zanubis Neta Corem 49 - 64th 2012 DreamHack Summer


ID Name New Team
ilIsrael z GreatOldOne
ilIsrael t JonyJ
ilIsrael p frozzz
ilIsrael t Lemon
ilIsrael t Surf
ilIsrael p Adonminus Mark Ioshpa

Players Achievements[edit]

  • Sinok - 2nd place in HWZone new year tournament
  • Sinok - 1st place in Modi'in Gaming StarCraft II tournament
  • Zanubis - 2nd place in Modi'in Gaming StarCraft II tournament
  • Flyling - 3rd place in Modi'in Gaming StarCraft II tournament
  • Sinok - 1st place in the NOM Tournament Series November Finals [11/2011]
  • Sinok - 2nd place in the Israeli IeSF Grand Finals [9/2011]
  • Lemon - 3rd place in the Israeli IeSF Grand Finals [9/2011]
  • HeNili - 4th place in the Israeli IeSF Grand Finals [9/2011]
  • Sinok - 1st place in IGA 10# (013Netvision Wireless Notebook mouse) [8/2011]
  • Lemon - 1st place in the Israeli IeSF Qualifiers 4# [8/2011]
  • aGGy - 2nd place in the Israeli IeSF Qualifiers 4# [8/2011]
  • Sinok - 1st place in the Isaeli IeSF Qualifiers 3# [8/2011]
  • HeNili - 2nd place in the Israeli IeSF Qualifiers 1# [7/2011]
  • Sinok - 2nd place in IGA's 6th tourney
  • Sinok - 2nd place in IGA's 5th tourney
  • aGGy - 2nd place in NOM's Open Tournament
  • Zanubis - Semi-finals SC2 OpenCup
  • HeNili - 1st place in Z33k's daily (Wednesday 8)
  • Sinok - RO8 in SC2 Open Cup
  • Sinok - 1st place in IGA's 2nd tourney (MSI mousepad)
  • Zanubis - 1st place in IGA's tourney (MSI mousepad)
  • Zanubis - 1st place in 'Gvia ha kehila' (Razer Cyborg mouse)
  • Sinok - 2nd place in 'Gvia ha kehila'
  • Zanubis - 1st place in Zergling's 2v2 tourney (Razer Arctosa keyboard)
  • Sinok - 3rd place in Zergling's 2v2 tourney (a poster)
  • Zanubis - 1st place in ISRCUP 4 (Kingstone 32 gb Disk-on-key)
  • Zanubis - 4th in ISRCUP3
  • Zanubis - 1st place in ISRCUP2

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