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EU Ladder Heroes

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[e][h]EU Ladder Heroes
Series Information
Start Date:
End Date:
Single-elimination bracket
Cumulative Prize Pool:
≃ $27,600 USD
Liquipedia Tier:

EU Ladder Heroes, started in July 2016 and ended in late 2017, was the equivalent of NA Ladder Heroes (created one year before) on the European server. It was both a weekly and monthly tournament series for StarCraft II players produced by Feardragon. The weekly aspect was run purely through the ladder and rewards the top 6 registered players on the European ladder with money, as well as the top 20 registered players with points. These points went toward qualifications for a monthly, 12-player tournament at the end of the month to the players with the highest number of points. The monthly format was a single-elimination bracket with Bo3 for every round except for the finals.

Players of any region could participate in the tournament, but everything took place on the European server.

This tournament was officially sponsored by Blizzard.

The seires was later resumed in 2020.


  • All prize pool values are subject to increase due to the additional funding that currently comes from feardragon's patreon.
  • Weekly Competition:
    • Every week on Saturday at 11:59pm CET/CEST, the top 20 players on the European Ladder will earn points that go toward qualifying for the Monthly tournament.
    • The top 6 players will also earn $50/$30/$20/$20/$15/$15 respectively.
  • Monthly Competition:
    • The monthly finals is a single elimination, 12-player bracket.
    • The top 8 players will also earn $200/$75/$37/$37/$12.50/$12.50/$12.50/$12.50 respectively.
    • Seeding is done via aligulac points amongst 1st-4th place, and 5th-12th place in Ladder Heroes points.
    • Vetoes are done in ABAB format.
    • If you are more than 15 minutes late for your match, you will be dq'd. Make sure to screenshot if your opponent is being dq'd.
    • Race changes are allowed between games.
    • Standard pick/ban sequences with the ladder map pool will determine maps.
    • Games will be played on the EU server unless players agree to another server.
    • Every round is a Bo3 until the Finals (Bo5)
    • Replays are sent out to patreon supporters.

Prize Pools[edit]

The total prize pool for each month is a base of $1000. $600 total for the weekly competition ($150 per week) and $400 total for the monthly finals.

Weekly ladder[edit]

Place Points Prize
1st 23 $50
2nd 21 $30
3rd 20 $20
4th 19 $20
5th 17 $15
6th 16 $15
7th 15
8th 14
9th 12
10th 11
11th 10
12th 9
13th 8
14th 7
15th 6
16th 5
17th 4
18th 3
19th 2
20th 1

Monthly finals[edit]

Place Prize
1st $200
2nd $75
3rd-4th $37
5th-8th $12.50


Medal Counts[edit]

Medals won per Player[edit]

Medals won per Race[edit]

Medals won per Country[edit]

Medals won per Team[edit]

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