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[e][h]Ecko Esports
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Jordan 'Zenabi' Fighera
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Ecko Esports is an Australian E-Sports team, formed in 2013. Ecko Esports currently has a Starcraft 2 roster based in the South East Asian region.


  • April 8th, the Ecko Esports Starcraft Team is formed[15]
  • May 8th, Australian Protoss Tazerenix joins the team[16]
  • May 21st, Australian Zerg Switch joins the team[17]
  • August 29th, New Zealand Zerg FLuX joins the team[18]
  • August 30th, Brisbane Protoss Schnitzel joins the team[19]
  • September 1st, Ecko Esports finalises roster, signing RivaL[20]
  • October 23rd, FLuX officially leaves the team, taking on the role as manager of CheckMate [21]
  • December 9th, Kreamy leaves Ecko Esports to join Frenetic Array Academy [22]
  • December 20th, Switch, Tazerenix, and Shampoo leave Ecko Esports
  • December 25th, ChoboSniper joins Ecko Esports [23]

Player Roster[edit]

Best Yearly Results[edit]

Best Yearly Results:

ID Name 2015 2016
usUSA p Freizya Kenji Ky-Fries - -
auAustralia t MrLando James Laszlo - -
auAustralia t Pokemon Ben Lam - -
auAustralia z Schnitzel Mikael Koch - -
auAustralia p CaVaLieR Eddie Edwards - -
auAustralia p coolbeans Seb Roache - -

Former Players[edit]

ID Name Join Date Leave Date Duration New Team
nzNew Zealand z FLuX Billy Weeks 29th August 2013 23rd October 2013 2 Months
CheckMate Gaming
auAustralia z Switch Andrew Roberts 21st May 2013 20th December 2013 7 Months
auAustralia p Tazerenix John McCarthy 8th May 2013 20th December 2013 7 Months
auAustralia z Shampoo Fergus Brown 8th April 2013 20th December 2013 8 Months
auAustralia t Kreamy Kevin Luangkhoth 8th April 2013
2nd March 2014
9th December 2013
27th December 2014
10 Months
9 Months
Frenetic Array
auAustralia z ChoboSniper Leo Lai 25th December 2013 27th December 2014 1 Year
krSouth Korea Z ChanKiM Chan Yang Kim {김찬양} 25th June 2014 13th April 2015 10 Months Team Exile5
auAustralia Z RivaL Henry Yum 1st September 2013 13th April 2015 1 Year 7 Months
auAustralia T Azure Craig Mackechnie 8th February 2015 3rd April 2016 1 Year 2 Months DuSt Gaming
nzNew Zealand P Enak Kane Brickell 16th July 2014 3rd April 2016 1 Year 7 Months
auAustralia z Infected Josh Fisher 24th January 2015 3rd April 2016 1 Year 2 Months
auAustralia t Redemption Edmond Lam 9th March 2014 3rd April 2016 2 Years 1 Month
auAustralia z Satu Charlie Potter 28th August 2014 3rd April 2016 1 Year 6 months
auAustralia p Probe Sean Kempen 8th April 2013 10th June 2016 3 Year 2 months
ROOT Gaming
phPhilippines p ProzeR Sean Cheng 24th January 2015 15th June 2016 1 Year 6 Months


ID Name Position
AustraliaAustralia Z Zenabi Jordan Fighera Founder/Manager
AustraliaAustralia Z Apoc Alan Yan Academy Manager
AustraliaAustralia T Alchemy Kristopher La Graphic Designer

Clan Wars Results[edit]

Date Result
4th May 2014 Ecko Esports 5 - 0 Frenetic Array
4th April 2014 Ecko Esports 5 - 0 Oddie
4th September 2013 Ecko Esports 2 - 5 Desperate Move
27th August 2013 Ecko Esports 5 - 4 Seraphic Nexus
29th May 2013 Ecko Esports 1 - 5 Time of Rising