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Ecko Esports

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[e][h]Ecko Esports
Team Information
Jordan 'Zenabi' Fighera
Player Breakdown
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Ecko Esports is an Australian E-Sports team, formed in 2013.


  • April 8th, the Ecko Esports Starcraft Team is formed[15]
  • May 8th, Australian Protoss Tazerenix joins the team[16]
  • May 21st, Australian Zerg Switch joins the team[17]
  • August 29th, New Zealand Zerg FLuX joins the team[18]
  • August 30th, Brisbane Protoss Schnitzel joins the team[19]
  • September 1st, Ecko Esports finalises roster, signing RivaL[20]
  • October 23rd, FLuX officially leaves the team, taking on the role as manager of CheckMate [21]
  • December 9th, Kreamy leaves Ecko Esports to join Frenetic Array Academy [22]
  • December 20th, Switch, Tazerenix, and Shampoo leave Ecko Esports
  • December 25th, ChoboSniper joins Ecko Esports [23]

Player Roster[edit]

At the time of Disbandment[edit]

Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
AustraliaCaVaLieREddie Edwards2015-06-162016-07-01 OSC Elite
AustraliacoolbeansSeb Roache2016-07-01
United States of AmericaFreizyaKenji Ky-Fries2015-11-172016-07-01 Miraculous Gaming
AustraliaMrLandoJames Laszlo2016-07-01
AustraliaPokemonBen Lam2016-07-01
AustraliaSchnitzelMikael Koch2013-08-302016-07-01

Former Players[edit]

Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
AustraliaAzureCraig Mackechnie2015-02-072016-04-02 DuSt Gaming
Korea (South)ChanKiMChan Yang-kim2014-06-242015-04-12 Team Exile5
AustraliaChoboSniperLeo Lai2013-12-242014-12-26
New ZealandEnakKane Brickell2014-07-152016-04-02
New ZealandFLuXBilly Weeks2013-08-282013-10-22 CheckMate Gaming
AustraliaInfectedJosh Fisher2015-01-232016-04-02
AustraliaKreamyKevin Luangkhoth2013-04-072013-12-08 Frenetic Array
AustraliaKreamyKevin Luangkhoth2014-03-012014-12-26 Retirement
AustraliaProbeSean Kempen2013-04-072016-06-09 ROOT Gaming
PhilippinesProzeRSean Cheng2015-01-232016-06-14
AustraliaRedemptionEdmond Lam2014-03-082016-04-02
AustraliaRivaLHenry Yum2013-08-312015-04-12
AustraliaSatuCharlie Potter2014-08-272016-04-02
AustraliaShampooFergus Brown2013-04-072013-12-19
AustraliaSwitchAndrew Roberts2013-05-202013-12-19 Retirement
AustraliaTazerenixJohn McCarthy2013-05-072013-12-19 Retirement


Staff at the time of Disbandment
ID Name Position
Australia Zenabi Jordan Fighera Founder/Manager
Australia Apoc Alan Yan Academy Manager
Australia Alchemy Kristopher La Graphic Designer

Team Achievements[edit]

Date Placement Tier Tournament Result Prize
2015-10-24 4th A3Minor Saulo Silva Teamleague Season 1 1 : 4 $0.5

Clan Wars Results[edit]

Date Result
4th May 2014 Ecko Esports 5 - 0 Frenetic Array
4th April 2014 Ecko Esports 5 - 0 Oddie
4th September 2013 Ecko Esports 2 - 5 Desperate Move
27th August 2013 Ecko Esports 5 - 4 Seraphic Nexus
29th May 2013 Ecko Esports 1 - 5 Time of Rising