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Electronic Sports World Cup 2011

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[e][h]Electronic Sports World Cup 2011
League Information
Games Solution
France Paris
Prize pool:
$66,000 USD
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia tier:
Player breakdown
Number of players:

Host City[edit]

Electronic Sports World Cup 2011 will take place in Porte de Versailles, Paris, during the Paris Games Week.[1] The main stage will be a 1500 seats amphitheater, and the event will be held together with the biggest trade fair for the computer and video games held in France, Paris Games Week, so that the crowd could enjoy various entertainment.[2]

Game Titles[edit]

Official Game Titles [3][edit]

  • First Person Shooter
    • Counter-Strike 1.6
    • Counter-Strike 1.6 Women
    • Counter-Strike Source
  • Race
    • Trackmania Nations Forever
  • Real Time Strategy
    • Defense of the Ancients 2
    • StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty
  • Sports
    • FIFA 11

The Warcraft III tournament was canceled on August 25th, because of the low international mobilisation around the game Warcraft III, both from the community and local tournament organisers [5]. As a result, the StarCraft II tournament will be open to more participants.

Prize pool[edit]

Offering $66,000 Spread among players as follows:


Qualified Players[edit]

Protoss (15) Terran (13) Zerg (20)
Players qualified through national qualifiers
Netherlands Grubby France AureS France KenZy
Netherlands uThermal India raziel France Stephano
Turkey Sleeep Japan Nemuke Poland ParanOid
Czechia Harpner Panama CocoA Bolivia Leugim
Croatia Jarlaxle Croatia Deny Bolivia ZhevZ
Poland MaNa Poland Nerchio
Slovenia Evuser Norway Snute
Players qualified through online qualifiers
United States Axslav Sweden ThorZaIN United States IdrA
Sweden Bischu United States qxc Ukraine ALF
United States Minigun Russia LiveZerg
Russia Pomi Portugal sYz
Germany Socke
Finland elfi
South Korea MC South Korea MarineKing Germany DarKFoRcE
Romania NightEnD South Korea NaDa Russia sLivko
Sweden Seiplo Morocco cArn Belarus LoWeLy
Belgium Spoon Ukraine Strelok Belgium Orly
Sweden SjoW Switzerland biGs
Sweden merz Ukraine Bly
Italy ClouD Sweden HayprO
Israel Blight Greece Moutas
France MoMaN
Sweden LaLuSh

  • qxc, Minigun and NaDa were unable to attend. [6]
  • cArn will be representing Morocco at the grand finals
  • On day one, it was announced that MoMaN and LaLuSh would replace respectively Seiplo and Bly, who couldn't attend the event [7].

National Qualifiers[edit]

These Nations held qualifiers for the main event.

Online Qualifiers[edit]

Players from countries which didn't held offline qualifiers were eligible to online qualifiers organized by ESL. European qualifiers were held on September 26th and 27th [8], and North American qualifiers were held on September 24th [9].


Due to the prevalence of the GSL for South Korean players, ESWC didn't hold qualifications for South Korea, and preferred to invite players based on their GSL points.

South Korea Protoss MC, South Korea Terran MarineKing and South Korea Terran NaDa were the players invited in cooperation with GOMTV [10].


On August 2011, many major teams such as Fnatic, SK Gaming, and Evil Geniuses decided to boycott the event, because of a misunderstanding concerning the qualifiers [11]. Indeed, ESWC previously stated that players from countries where there weren't national qualifiers could participate in continental online qualifiers, with a 200 EUR entrance fee (1 000 EUR for the teams) if they make it to the main event, therefore leaving the team to think that one can buy his spot in the finals without competing in qualifiers.

In order to clarify itself, the ESWC committee announced on September 16th that they ultimately dropped the attendance fee [12].

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