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Team Information
Leo Domino Brown
Justin Nizzy"


elevengaming was a North American StarCraft II team. The team earned recognition at the early stages of StarCraft II, by participating in most events, hosting their own tournaments, organising show matches, and other activities.

On June 16, 2011, the team was acquired by British-based organization 4Kings.[1]


  • June 16, The entire elevengaming team is acquired by 4Kings.[2]
  • November 1, elevengaming founded with its initial lineup of Domino, Nizzy, Lost, ExO, Gerbil, and binski.
  • December 1, elevengaming gets accepted into their first serious clan war league CEVO Pro Division.

Player Roster[edit]

Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
United StatesbinskiSungbin Lee2010-11-012011-06-164Kings4Kings 4Kings
United StatesExODavid Hart2011-06-164Kings4Kings 4Kings
CanadaGerbilAdam Venis2011-06-164Kings4Kings 4Kings
United StatesLostJason Brand2011-06-164Kings4Kings 4Kings
United StatesSlurgiScott Penick2011-06-164Kings4Kings 4Kings
CanadaWardenSung Woo Choi2011-06-164Kings4Kings 4Kings

Team Achievements[edit]

This team has no recorded achievements.


Staff at time of Disbandment
ID Name Position
United States NizzyJustin Player Development Manager
DominoLeo Brown Team Manager

2011 Midwest Championship[edit]

elevengaming hosted the 2011 Midwest Championship from February 18–20 in St. Louis Missouri. The event featured over $3,000 in cash and merchandise prizes. CatsPajamas and DoA casted the event. z33k was used for the brackets and replays. The main event was a 1v1 tournament which had 56 total entries in a 64-man bracket. rsvp took 1st place, Slurgi 2nd, and TriMaster placed 3rd. Nizzy and Lost defeated Domino and Slurgi in the 2v2 event for 1st place, while Gerbil and Antimage took 3rd. BlueTea took 1st in the FFA event.


MLG Dallas[edit]

elevengaming sent Lost, Slurgi, ExO, and binski to MLG Dallas 2011. On day one Lost made it to Winners Round 4 in the Open Bracket, winning against Russano, VaNtaSist and only losing to HayprO. Slurgi lost in Winners Round 3 to HuK after winning against Graph and Titan. ExO was knocked to the losers bracket in Winners Round 3, after winning against Shepherd and losing to Hawk. binski made it to Winners Round 3, with wins over MrBitter, losing to NaNiwa, who later won the Tournament. On day two, Lost made it to Losers Round 7 losing 1-2 to LzGaMeR after defeating Sterling and ReSpOnSe. Slurgi won against DarkCell in Losers Round 4, but got knocked out of the losers bracket by Stalife in the next round. ExO got knocked out in the Losers Round 4 by rsvp. binski managed to win against Drakke before getting knocked out the tournament by Sheth.

elevengaming v The World Showcase Series[edit]

  • elevengaming hosted a showcase series with CatsPajamas casting games between elevengaming players and high ranked ladder players.[3]
Lost 3 : 1 PicNic
Lost 1 : 3 Antimage - Won $40 cash and a Killer2100 Gaming Card!
ExO 3 : 0 EtsurLizzuma
ExO 1 : 3 daisuki - Won $40 cash and a Killer2100 Gaming Card!
binski 2 : 3 Spanishiwa - Won $20 cash and a Killer2100 Gaming Card!
Slurgi 2 : 3 Stalife - Won $20 cash and a Killer2100 Gaming Card!

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