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[e][h] EndOfLine
Player Information
Erik Faden
Alternate IDs:
Total Earnings:
Approx. Earnings 2021:
Years Active:
2014 - 2018
2014-01-02 — 2015-01-30
2015-01-30 — Present

EndOfLine is a Zerg player from the United States currently playing for team PSISTORM Gaming. He was voted as captain of the team by the players and management, due to his leadership, personality and strategy making.


Erik "EndOfLine" Faden Started gaming during the "Glory days," with Atari, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, And Sega. "I was obsessed with any plat-former game: Sonic, Contra, Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario, and Streets of Rage." EOL However, EndOfLine (EOL) started to get into competitive gaming later when games on the computer became "playable." "I started getting competitive with video games when the gaming industry changed with a few new legendary games. For me, These were Red Alert, War craft 1, Golden Eye, Smash brothers, War craft 2, and Star Craft 'vanilla.'" EOL Continues: "I actually played Red Alert over the phone lines with a 56K modem! My Parents were not amused when they could not call anyone..."

EOL's First competitive team was Total War Dogs (TWD) For Tribes 2. EOL would later play all competitive first person shoots, the main being, Call of duty, MW2.

EOL Graduated College from Maryland University in 2010. This is when Star Craft 2 Beta was out. EOL dove back into Starcraft 2 for to relive the child hood memories at first. However, The competitive nature of the game drew him in.


In A3Minor tournaments
2018-06-109 - 16thPSISTORM Cup 60 : 2 TRUE$50
2017-04-221stPSISTORM Cup 5 (Pokebunny Charity Prize)2 : 0 Ninkazi$200
2016-02-275 - 8thFilthy NA Cup Weekly #60 : 2 EJK$0
Complete Results in any Tournament

Team Achievements

In A2Major tournaments
2018-03-112ndOSC Team Championship 20177 : 14$15
Complete Results in any Tournament

4th round in the open bracket at 2012 Raleigh MLG

4th place at 2013 DC, Va, MD lan, at monster pc. Sponsored by Lucky Fool, and The Real Nanman

5th place 2014 DC lan

2nd place 1/15 DC lan

1st place Mag fest 13, 1/15

1st place Mag Fest 14, 2016


Matchup Statistics

 vs vs vs Total
as 9 - 1537.5 %15 - 1944.1 %10 - 1147.6 %34 - 4543 %

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