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[e][h] EonBlu
Player Information
Yannis Klingele
May 9, 1996 (age 26)
Alternate IDs:
eonblu, Alishar
Approx. Total Winnings:
Years active (caster):
2021 - Present
2016-08-31 — 2017-03-21
2018-02-17 — Present
Recent Matches
EonBlu  Germany
Germany  Padierfind
2021-01-31 16:00:19UTC  
EonBlu  Germany
Germany  Össy
2021-01-31 16:00:17UTC  
EonBlu  Germany
Germany  Össy
2020-12-20 16:01:07UTC  
EonBlu  Germany
Germany  Dronehard
2020-12-13 16:01:04UTC  
EonBlu  Germany
Germany  Aelith
2020-12-06 16:01:02UTC  

Yannis "EonBlu" Klingele is a retired Zerg player from Germany, currently he is a coach for 1. Berliner eSports Club e.V..

Legacy of the Void[edit]

EonBlu only started playing actively towards Competition once Legacy of the Void released. He started playing in offline qualifiers for WCS tournaments in the middle of 2017 and continued travelling to qualifiers in Europe mostly for fun. He played in the IEM World Championship 2018 in Katowice as a replacement for Billowy [1] and continues his replacement career with replacing Bly at Homestory Cup 17[2] and Nerchio at Homestory Cup 19[3].

His only notable performance was in the Leipzig Community Cup 2017 where he beat HolyHit twice with a total score of 6:1 [4] Continuing that trend in the Community Cup 2018 he again beat HolyHit with a score of 6:1 across two matches, winning a second Community Cup in a row. [5] Sadly he couldnt attend the Community Cup 8 in 2019 due to sickness and HolyHit managed to take that one home. [6]

Since February he is playing for the 1.Berliner eSports-Club eV as the best player and tries to represent his team as much as possible. He attends Homestory Cup 17 and Dreamhack Valencia for BeSC.

In September 2019 he announced his retirement as a player and became a coach for 1. Berliner eSports Club e.V..[7]

Even after officially stopping to pursue the professional career EonBlu continued to play. In 2019 he achieved a second place in the Starcraft Vereinsliga: Season 1 a cup created for registered associations in germany with a Starcraft team falling only short to HolyHit thus ending a streak of wins versus HolyHit.


  • The source of his nickname is the Tool song "Eon Blue Apocalypse".
  • EonBlu was part of the ROOT Gaming teamhouse for 5 weeks during march 2018.[8]
    • In the time of the teamhouse he played himself to top 30 on the NA ladder.
  • As of June 2018 didn't break 6000 MMR but came close several times.[9]
  • In June 2019 he finally managed to break 6k MMR. [10]
  • In Summer 2019 his Twitter nickname is BeSC ReplacementBlu due to joining another HomeStory Cup [11] as a replacement.


In A3Minor Tournaments
2020-08-23AA1stStarcraft Vereinsliga: Season 21. Berliner eSports Club e.V.1. Berliner eSports Club e.V.4 : 3$70.81
2020-04-18AA1stCity Fight StarCraft Edition1. Berliner eSports Club e.V.1. Berliner eSports Club e.V.3 : 1Bremen eSports e.V.Bremen eSports e.V.$7.24
2019-12-07BA2ndStarcraft Vereinsliga: Season 11. Berliner eSports Club e.V.1. Berliner eSports Club e.V.1 : 4$35.54
2018-08-25AA1stBerliner Esports Cup Season 21. Berliner eSports Club e.V.1. Berliner eSports Club e.V.4 : 0$40
2018-05-26AA1stBerliner Esports Cup Season 11. Berliner eSports Club e.V.1. Berliner eSports Club e.V.4 : 0$41
In A4Basic Tournaments
2020-04-25DA4thmaraleCup Germany #11. Berliner eSports Club e.V.1. Berliner eSports Club e.V.1 : 3$8.09
2018-12-08AA1stBerliner Esports Cup Season 31. Berliner eSports Club e.V.1. Berliner eSports Club e.V.4 : 1$28
2018-01-30BA2ndSCVRush Weekly Open Cup 1071 : 3$5
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Matchup Statistics

 vs Protossvs Terranvs ZergTotal
as Protoss4 - 0100 %10 - 190.9 %0 - 0-14 - 193.3 %
as Zerg16 - 3432 %22 - 2348.9 %37 - 3650.7 %75 - 9344.6 %
as Random2 - 433.3 %7 - 463.6 %7 - 846.7 %16 - 1650 %

Earnings Statistics

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