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Exeed Esports

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Team Exeed Esports, previously known as Prophecy Esports is one of the youngest organization born in Italy in 2017 and in a very short time, it became one of the best Italian teams in the Hearthstone scene winning local LANs and with great placements in European Ladder.

In September 2017, Prophecy E-sports opened the section of Starcraft II picking up players from the disbandment of the Italian team Next Gaming[1].

In January 2018, Prophecy E-sports changed name into Exeed Esports.[2].


  • January 19th, Team Prophecy E-Sports changes name into Exeed Esports.
  • February 1st, Ryung leaves.[7]
  • February 8th, Guru rejoins IsIMBA.[8]
  • March 6th, Clem joins the team. [9]
  • May 12th, SpeCial leaves the team. [10]
  • November 12th, Reynor leaves the team. [11]
  • September 4th, the Team Prophecy E-Sports StarCraft 2 Division is formed.
  • September 7th, SpeCial joins. [12]
  • September 8th, Zalazane joins the B team.
  • September 24th, IceTea leaves.
  • October 4th, Scare leaves.
  • December 5th, Poseidon is released from the team. [13]

Player Roster[edit]

B Team[edit]

Active Squad
IDNameJoin Date2019
ItalyAzarotLorenzo Miccoli2017-09-04-
ItalyDiViNeFrancesco Di Vincenzo2017-09-04-
ItalyExehnRiccardo Malossi2017-09-04-
ItalygropheRFederico Scala2017-09-04-
NorwayMiCrOLiFeEven Haugen2017-09-04-
FranceSpaliumBen Javelot2017-09-04-
FranceTheTossEaterLuca Ippolito2017-09-04-
SwedenZalazaneLudwig Olsson2017-09-04-


Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
HungaryAZTEXHornyák Gábor2017-09-04201?-??-??
ItalyBabyMarineAndrea Romiti2017-09-042019-02-06 Mkers
FranceClemClément Desplanches2018-03-062019-02-06 Infinity Gaming
CanadacosimaJacob Molyneux2017-09-042019-02-01 Archangel Gaming
PolandDamrudDamian Rudnicki2018-11-062019-01-24 Alpha X
ItalyDiordLucio Rossi2017-09-042019-11-11 Mkers
PolandGeraldMateusz Budziak2017-09-042019-02-03 Team Blacer
PolandGuruSzymon Nieciąg2017-09-042018-02-08 IsIMBA
GermanyIceTeaAmos Diniz2017-09-042017-09-24 Forged Force Gaming
PolandKrystianerKrystian Szczęsny2017-09-042018-02-07 Iron Chain
ItalyMarkMarco Bianchi2017-09-042019-11-11 Mkers
NorwayPoseidonKjell Lunden2017-09-042017-12-05 Iron Chain
Czech RepublicRAiNMakeRTomáš Lauterkranz2018-02-082019-02-06 Wolf's Pack
ItalyReynorRiccardo Romiti2017-09-042018-11-12 GamersOrigin
RomaniaRobbyGRobert Irimias2017-09-042020-04-18 Archangel Gaming
ItalyRuinBlasterDavide Zappalà2017-09-042019-11-11 Mkers
ItalyRyosisAlessandro Rossi2017-09-042019-02-27 Destruction Gaming
PeruRyuEduard Condori2017-09-042019-02-06 Mkers
South KoreaRyungKim Dong Won2017-09-042018-02-01 Cascade
South KoreaScareHwang In-Seong2017-09-042017-10-04 DuSt Gaming
MexicoSpeCialJuan Carlos Tena Lopez2017-09-072018-05-12 Predators Esports
ItalyVeniVidiVinsVincenzo Ettorre2017-09-042019-11-11 Mkers


ID Name Position
Italy bRambiShowFederico Brambilla Co-Owner
Italy KernanFrancesco Morgantini Co-Owner
Italy SquallMassimo Romiti Team Manager
Norway MiCrOLiFeEven Haugen Team Admin

Team Achievements[edit]

2018-07-27AA1stA4BasicAlpha SC2 Team League: Season 11 EU ProAlpha SC2 Team League: Season 11 EU Pro3 : 2$0
2018-03-31EC5 - 8thA3MinorAlpha SC2 Team League: Season 10 EU ProAlpha SC2 Team League: Season 10 EU ProTL : TW$0
2018-03-11AA1stA2MajorOSC Team Championship 2017OSC Team Championship 201714 : 7$275
2017-12-15BA2ndA4BasicAlpha SC2 Team League: Season 9 EU ProAlpha SC2 Team League: Season 9 EU Pro2 : 3$0
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  • In Italy, the Team Prophecy E-sports was also called "big family" for the interaction between organization and players.



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