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Map Information
Mar Sara
Spawn Positions:
8 at 8 at 1,1,2,2,7,7,8,8
Competition Span:
05/2009 - 09/2012

Extinction is the first 4v4 map released for the beta in patch 13.

Official Map Description[edit]

Team play map, you share a fortress with your allies. Two paths leads to the enemy. Use your air forces to attack across the central chasm.

Notable Features[edit]

  • All main bases are inter-connected through one circular path as well as two other entrances through either the middle safe-natural and/or the exterior 10 o'clock and 5 o'clock.
  • There are 5 potential expansions, varying in three different degrees of danger in the forms of either: "run-bys" (where enemy units can pass by the natural expansion, destroy it and return freely), air harassment (found at front-center natural closest to the enemies' bases and in the bottom-right/top-right corner) and the less endangered center expansion protected and surrounded by ally main bases.
  • Four Xel'Naga towers are found in the center-extriminities of both teams [two towers for each team] that grant view from any pushes from the left or right main aisles as well as front air-assault as well as four more Xel'Naga closely placed alongside one another should anyone take a second/third/fourth expansion. They grant vision of the gold expansion as well as nearby possible future bases on the high-ground.
  • This map is known for its risky second expansions and even riskier gold expansion as they all stray from the main paths of attacks, however all expansions on the high-ground have destructible rocks blocking the ramp.


  • For expansions, it should suggested that Terran take the bottom-right/top-right corner expansion due to its space of separation (no ground connects to it) as well as the Zerg take the middle natural expansion to give them a leveled field against the other races and due to the Zerg's lack of early defense in case of rushes (5-6 minute timed attacks).
  • Additionally, it is suggested to gain air dominance on this map to ensure map-control and contain enemies in their bases to allow allies to freely expand to their third bases which are often very risky and checked regularly by the enemy. Air control also allows prevention of taking the back expansion without proper early defense (Missile Turrets/Spore Crawlers/Anti-Air units) giving your team an early advantage.
  • As Terran, ensure to grab all the towers that allow you to see when your opponent has the intention to push out, this means to use your Medivacs to drop units to hold the towers, despite the rocks not being taken down. As a substitute if units do not claim the towers, overlords can be placed nearby on the high-ground for safe and easy vision near the enemy's base.
  • Due to the close proximity of your allies, harassment will be proven difficult towards any of the main bases, though the front and back expansions are often left unsecured and any drops or air-to-ground harassment may give you the lead you need.