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Lee Hyo Min
Team Captain:
South Korea  Moon
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F.United was the result of the Korean Team WeMade FOX not having enough members to participate in GSTL and GomTV requiring another team to have an even number of teams in the GSTL. NaNiwa, ThorZaIN and Fenix agreed to play alongside WeMade FOX as F.United to participate in GSTL while they competed in GSL in Korea. This was the first Team in GSTL to use "Mercenaries" to compete.

GSTL 2011[edit]

Week 7[edit]

F.United first appeared in the GSTL on August 11, 2011 in a game against MvP. F.United opened with Fenix who lost a very close game to NalZa. F.United then sent out ThorZaIN, who bested NalZa, GuineaPig, and Noblesse before being taken out by Genius. F.United sent out SocceR next, however Genius was able to defeat him as well. Finally, F.United sent out NaNiwa as their ace, who managed to beat Genius and secure the win. To date, this is the only GSTL victory where Europeans accounted for each win.

Week 8[edit]

F.United played against SlayerS. F.United opened with SocceR while SlayerS opened with TaeJa. TaeJa prevailed in the opening match and F.United sent out Moon who was also bested by TaeJa. F.United then sent out ThorZaIN, who had scored a 3-kill in their previous match, to turn the tide however TaeJa won once again. F.United sent out NaNiwa as their ace once again but he couldn't best TaeJa and F.United was all-killed.

The next day F.United had a match against Team SCV Life. F.United opened with NaNiwa and TSL opened with Heart. NaNiwa lost to Heart and so F.United sent out Fenix. Fenix defeated Heart and Clide before being taken out by Revival. F.United sent out Lyn to take out Revival but was unable to secure the win. F.United then sent out their ace, ThorZaIN to turn the tide and he took out Revival before being taken out by aLive in the ace match.

Week 9[edit]

F.United played against Prime. F.United started out with ThorZaIN and Prime sent out BBoongBBoong. BBoongBBoong took the match and F.United sent out Fenix, who had performed well the week before. BBoongBBoong once again bested F.United and they were forced to send out Lyn. BBoongBBoong took that game as well and it was up to Moon to stop another all kill. However, BBoongBBoong was too strong and took out Moon and once again F.United was all-killed.

Week 10[edit]

Their final match was against oGsTL. F.United started with Moon and oGsTL started with Cezanne. Cezanne beat Moon, so F.United sent out SocceR. SocceR was able to beat Cezanne, however he lost to Luvsic. F.United then sent out Fenix who beat Luvsic, TheStC, and MC to secure the victory and Prime's placement in the playoffs ahead of oGs.

In total, F.United went 2-3 in the GSTL, with a set record of 11-17. After the GSTL matches were played, ThorZaIN and Fenix left Korea and F.United was forced to disband.

Player Roster[edit]

Former Members[edit]

ID Team
KoreaSouth Korea Z Moon WeMade FOX
KoreaSouth Korea T Lyn WeMade FOX
KoreaSouth Korea P SocceR WeMade FOX
SwedenSweden P NaNiwa Team Dignitas
SwedenSweden T ThorZaIN mousesports
PeruPeru T Fenix Incredible Miracle

Team Achievements[edit]