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FE Feint Marine Rush (vs Terran)

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Strategy Information
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A very popular and standard Bio opening that aims to mass Marines and either defend rushes by sheer numbers or rush an enemy army while teching to something like Cloak Banshees, Siege Tanks or Infernal Pre-Igniter-upgraded Hellions that causes the enemy's army size to suffer while researching.

In Polt's words after winning with it, "I use it a lot on ladder, but because it is so easily countered (by Siege Tank with Siege Mode) I don't use it in tournaments very often."

Basic Build Order[edit]


  • Marines, Marines, Marines.


  • Once Combat Shields completes, push out to the nearest Xel'Naga Tower for map control. On closer positions try pushing from two directions if you are confident in your offensive Marine spreading micro.