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FE into 3 Factory

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[e][h]TerranFast Expand into Mech-Siege Timing
Strategy Information
Aggressive, Mid-Game, gas-heavy


An early three Factory timing allows for mass Hellion and Siege Tank production after expanding, for a strong transition into mech. This can be done off of any type of early or fast expand for a strong mech timing attack and upgrades. Producing Siege Tanks allows much opportunity for early mech attack timings and Hellion-based harassment. Thors will be quite expensive until the natural has enough workers.

This build is most common in the Terran vs. Zerg match-up especially before patch 1.4, where a reactor Hellion expand was easily the most standard and safe fast expansion in the match-up.

Basic Build Recipe[edit]


  • Reactor Hellion openings allow for secure low ground expansion even with wide open naturals, like Xel'Naga Caverns.
  • A normal Siege Expand can be used for easy to defend naturals.