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FSteve expand (vs. Zerg)

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This article may be outdated due to metagame or patch changes. Nitro Packs now require a Factory.
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[e][h]TerranFSteve expand (vs. Zerg)
Strategy Information


Using Reapers to put pressure on the Zerg you expand after 3 Barracks, adding two more Barracks with Reactors to setup for a solid Bio midgame.


The purpose of this build is to force the Zerg player to spend resources on defending against your Reaper harass, effectively giving you map control and leading to a severe economic advantage and a solid mid-game Bio infrastructure. This build draws from the incredible map control afforded by the 5-rax Reaper build, and though it is unlikely you will completely kill a Zerg with your Reapers in this build, you have a much more solid foothold once the Reapers are irrelevant.

This is pre patch 1.2

Basic Build Order[edit]

Basic Build
  • 10 - Depot
  • 12 - Barracks
  • 13 - Refinery
  • 15 - Orbital Command
  • @ 100% Barracks - Tech Lab Add-on
  • @ 50 - Reaper
  • (When 50 gas) Nitro Packs
  • (When 75 minerals) Refinery
  • (When 200+ minerals) Barracks x2
  • (When Barracks x2 complete) Tech Lab Add-on x2
  • (When 400 minerals) Command Center - built in main base
  • (When 200+ minerals) Barracks x2
  • (When Barracks x2 complete) Reactor Add-on x2
  • (When Command Center completes) Orbital Command; spend mule; lift to expansion


    • All "When x" clauses in the Build Order assume constant production of SCVs and Reapers.

This build is most effective when your Barracks' production cycles are synced up. This is the reasoning for adding your Barracks in pairs rather than one by one. Without properly syncing up your production cycles, you may find yourself unable to properly spend your resources. When your second Orbital Command lands, you will have 3 Barracks with Tech Labs and 2 with Reactors, giving you solid production capabilities and the option of researching Bio upgrades.


Scouting should be done during construction of your first Barracks, as the only decision to make this early is whether you need to make a few Marines before your Tech Lab, as is the case against 6-8Pool. After this point, your scouting is done entirely with Reapers.


Your goal is to force the Zerg to spend Larva on speedlings or Roach production to counteract your Reaper harass. With that in mind, your harass should be constant. Killing Drones is a bonus, but lower in priority than sustaining your Reaper count to force an increasingly dramatic response. More Zerglings and Roaches spawned is fewer Larva spent on Drones. The absolute most important aspect of this build is a smooth production rate at your base; ensure your additional Barracks and your Command Center are placed immediately. If the Zerg hasn't expanded, you must strive to kill as many Zerglings as you can. Do NOT fight on creep!


The transition from Reaper to Marauder/Marine is timed-based on what your Reaper harass tells you. A quick four-gas setup from Zerg is indicative of Spire play, and thus your Engineering Bay should be constructed immediately after you have paid for your Command Center and all five Barracks. If the Zerg commits to Roaches, your economic state will allow you to out-produce the Zerg with your Marauder/Marine force. Researching Stim is essential against possible Roach counterattacks. From the point where your Reaper harass is no longer effective, the game should play out similar to any other Bio game against Zerg. Generally you want to switch to Marauder/Marine after you have 10-12 Reapers, so reaching this point as quickly as possible by not losing Reapers is ideal. If the Zerg has fast expanded and chosen Roaches to defend, there is often an attack timing with your first 6-7 Marauders + 12 Marines (approximation), and your initial Reapers. Take this attack timing if you have managed to kill substantial amounts of Zerglings beforehand, as the Zerg will have too few drones to create an army. Otherwise, take your commanding economic advantage and coast to a win with solid play and superior production.


Pro features[edit]

  • Wide-open natural expansion (Xel'Naga Caverns, Delta Quadrant)
  • Multiple cliffed escape paths (Xel'Naga Caverns, Delta Quadrant, Lost Temple)
  • Short rush distance (Steppes of War) - ***Higher vulnerability to Baneling busts, but short rush distance favors this build against any other Zerg opening.

Con features[edit]

  • Long rush distance (Scrap Station)